Richardis of Schwerin, Queen of Sweden

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Richardis of Schwerin
Richardice of Sweden cenotaph effigy 2010 (1).jpg
Queen Richardis as sculpted on Albert's grave
Queen consort of Sweden
Tenure 1365–1377
Born c. 1347
Died 23 April/11 July 1377 (aged 29–30)
Burial Stockholm Dominican Church
Spouse Albert, King of Sweden
Issue Eric I, Duke of Mecklenburg[1]
Richardis Catherine, Duchess of Görlitz
House House of Hagen
Father Otto I, Count of Schwerin
Mother Matilda of Mecklenburg-Werle
Religion Roman Catholicism

Richardis of Schwerin (Swedish: Rikardis; 1347 – April 23 or July 11, 1377) was Queen consort of Sweden as the wife of King Albert.


Richardis was the child of Otto I, Count of Schwerin (d. 1357) and Matilda of Mecklenburg-Werle (d. 1361) and the paternal niece of Richardis of Schwerin, Duchess of Schleswig, the wife of the former Valdemar III of Denmark. She was engaged to Albert of Mecklenburg, who was also to be king of Sweden.

In Wismar on 12 October 1352, the marriage contract was signed. It was not until 1365, however, that they were married in person and Richardis arrived in Sweden. She died in Stockholm and was buried in the Cloister Church at the Black Friars' Monastery.




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Richardis of Schwerin, Queen of Sweden
House of Hagen
Born: circa 1347 Died: 23 April/11 July 1377
Title last held by
Margaret I of Denmark
Queen consort of Sweden
Title next held by
Philippa of England