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The Richmond Parkway Transit Center or RPTC is a park and ride lot and bus terminal located in Richmond, California. It is named after the adjacent Richmond Parkway. It serves as a transfer point for the WestCAT and AC Transit. It is located on the corner of Richmond Parkway and Blume Drive near the Pinole border and adjacent to Interstate 80 and the Hilltop Plaza shopping center.

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Bus service[edit]

The following bus services stop at the center:[1][2]

AC Transit[1]

  • 70 - Appian/Rheem to Richmond BART
  • 71 - Carlson/Birmingham Drive to El Cerrito Plaza BART
  • 376 - North Richmond (Nighttime only)
  • LA - Hilltop to San Francisco (commute trips only)
  • LC - Combined L/LA Return trips from San Francisco (commute service only)


  • 16 - Pinole
  • 17 - Bayview
  • 18 - Tara Hills
  • 19 - Hilltop/Hercules (Saturday service only)
  • 30Z - Richmond Parkway - Martinez Amtrak Station half of trips are interlines with JPX.
  • JPX - Del Norte BART-Hercules via Pinole Valley Road (some buses continue as/from Route 30Z to Martinez)
  • JR - Del Norte BART-Hercules via Richmond Parkway & Blume Drive

Transit Village[edit]

As reported in 2006, in the East Bay newspaper the East Bay Express, there are plans to build a transit village at or adjacent to the site. Its purpose is as smart growth and to encourage transit use. It is modeled on the Fruitvale Model (Fruitvale Transit Village) at the Fruitvale BART station in Oakland, California. It is one of many copy-cat projects surrounding BART & Caltrain stations, regional ferry terminals, and Park & Ride lots & Transit Centers. Their purpose is to reduce sprawl and traffic.


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