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Rick Muther (August 13, 1935 in Alhambra, California - March 12, 1995) was an American racing driver.


He was for the most part The Indy 500's first hippy race driver. Muther started in SCCA sports car racing in Southern California at Riverside winning the prestigious Tim Mayer award, he drove in the USAC and CART Championship Car series, racing in the 1967-1975 USAC and 1980 CART seasons, with 46 combined career starts, including the Indianapolis 500 in 1970-1971 and 1974 and finished in the top ten 13 times. A highlight of Rick's career was racing for four-time Indy winner A. J. Foyt in the 1975 California 500. Eventually, Foyt hired another teammate, fearing he would be beaten by Muther.[citation needed] Muther's best Indy car finishes were in 5th position in 1968 at Riverside and in 1972 at Milwaukee.

One of Indy's all-time most colorful drivers, Muther always had the wildest helmet paint jobs by Gary Finoe, a disciple of Von Dutch. Muther's attire was wild Kelly Mouse design flying eyeball clothing. Muther had many friends in the California music and art scene. A proud "double Leo", he often incorporated Lions in his helmet designs. Muther died of heart failure in his sleep, in San Juan, Washington.

Complete motorsports results[edit]

American Open-Wheel racing results[edit]

(key) (Races in bold indicate pole position, races in italics indicate fastest race lap)

SCCA National Championship Runoffs[edit]

Year Track Car Engine Class Finish Start Status
1964 Riverside Lotus 23 F Modified 1 12 Running

Indy 500 results[edit]

Year Chassis Engine Start Finish
1968 Cheetah Ford Qualifying Crash
1969 Gerhardt Offy Failed to Qualify
1970 Brawner Hawk Offy 15th 8th
1971 Hawk Offy 18th 21st
1972 Hawk Offy Failed to Qualify
1973 Eagle Offy Failed to Qualify
1974 Coyote Foyt 24th 27th
1975 Eagle Offy Was first alternate getting bumped in the final minute of qualifying.
1976 Eagle Offy Failed to Qualify
1980 Penske Cosworth Very fast in practice Muther spun-out in turn one while qualifying after front roll bar arm snapped off, only to be left in line as qualifying was ended early for rain.