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Riverpoint From Bridge.jpg
The Riverpoint Complex seen from Shannon Bridge. The building to the left is Tower 2, and the building to the right is Tower 1.
General information
Type Residential and Office
Location Limerick, Ireland
Construction started 2005
Completed 2008
Cost €75 million[1]
Height 58.52 metres
Technical details
Floor count 15
Floor area 6,210 m2 (66,800 sq ft)[2]
Lifts/elevators 2 passenger lifts[3]
Design and construction
Architecture firm Burke Kennedy Doyle[4]

Riverpoint is a two-tower mixed-use building complex located in Limerick, Ireland. Standing at 58.52 metres (192.0 feet)[5] it is currently the fourth-tallest storeyed building in the nation, the ninth-tallest on the island of Ireland and the third-tallest in Munster after the Cork County Hall and The Elysian both in Cork. The Riverpoint tower is 5.52 m (18.1 ft) taller than the nearby Clarion Hotel Limerick, which at 53.0 m (173.9 ft) is the tallest hotel in Ireland.[6] The Riverpoint development as a whole forms most of the block surrounded by Henry Street (N20), Lower Mallow Street, Russell's Quay and Mill Lane. The only other buildings on the site are an apartment building on the corner of Lower Mallow Street and Henry Street, and the Eircom building on Henry Street (which may be redeveloped also).


The complex has a restaurant, fitness centre and a 250-space underground car park along with 13 floors of offices. There are 137 apartments in total between both towers, including an office penthouse on the 14th floor.[7][8]

The side of tower 1, with tower 2 to the left under construction in 2007


It is situated on the site of Munchin House, which housed the Department of Agriculture who have since moved into Riverpoint. Munchin House was built in the 1960s and since then has been an eyesore and was said[by whom?] to be one of the ugliest buildings in Ireland. The main tower of the Riverpoint complex was built alongside Munchin House, with the latter being demolished as the second tower opened in 2007. The main Riverpoint tower is situated on the riverfront of Limerick city, on the corner of Lower Mallow Street (N18) and Russell's Quay, facing the Shannon Bridge over the River Shannon.

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