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Road signs in Brunei closely follow those laid down in the traffic sign regulations used in Singapore and the United Kingdom, although a number of changes over the years have introduced some slight deviations that suit local road conditions (such as fonts).

Similar to Malaysia, Brunei traffic signs use Malay, the official and national language in the country. Both Jawi and Latin script used. However, English is also used for important public places such as tourist attractions, airports and immigration checkpoints.

Regulatory signs[edit]

Regulatory signs either give positive instructions, i.e. Mandatory signs, or indicate a prohibition, i.e. Prohibitionary signs. Many regulatory signs are accompanied by supplementary plates that provides interdependent exceptions to the rule, or indicates additional instruction or information to facilitate understanding of the rule implemented.

Priority signs[edit]

The octagonal red STOP sign, the triangular GIVE WAY sign and the various mandatory STOP signs

Prohibitionary signs[edit]

Prohibitory signs, which generally tell drivers what they must not do, are mostly circular and have a red border. The red ring indicates the prohibition; diagonal bars are used only on signs which prohibit a specific manoeuvre, i.e. banned left or right turns and U-turns, or a certain class of vehicle, i.e. lorries.

Mandatory signs[edit]

Mandatory signs are generally circular with a white border and symbol on a blue background. They usually indicate something all drivers must do (e.g. keep left) or a facility available to certain classes of traffic (e.g. pedal cycles only).

Warning signs[edit]

Warning signs warn of possible dangers or unusual conditions ahead and alert motorists on the hazards to expect. They are usually shaped as triangles with a red border.

Information signs[edit]

Information signs are signs that may be mounted to indicate a certain condition or nature of the road ahead that motorists need to take note. They are independent of existing mandatory and prohibitive signs. Such signs are usually white or blue and rectangular in shape.

Sign vocabulary[edit]

Most road signs in Brunei use Malay (or Bahasa Melayu); the official and national language of that country, similar to Malaysia. However, English is still used for important directional signs such as CIQ checkpoints, airports and tourist attractions. Below are the translations for the road signs.

  • ARAH = Bound
Example: ARAH UTARA = North Bound
  • UTARA = North
  • SELATAN = South
  • BARAT = West
  • TIMUR = East
  • AWAS = Caution
  • KAWASAN KEMALANGAN = Accident area
  • KAWASAN KAMPUNG = Village area
  • KAMPUNG AYER = Water village
  • SELEKOH BAHAYA DI HADAPAN = Sharp corner ahead
  • KURANGKAN LAJU = Reduce Speed
  • SIMPANG KE = Junction to
  • SUSUR KELUAR KE = Exit to
  • SUSUR MASUK KE = Entry to (usually at weighing bridge)
  • PEMBINAAN DI HADAPAN = Construction ahead
  • PEMBINAAN TAMAT = End of construction
  • BERHENTI = Stop
  • JALAN SEHALA = One Way
  • BERI LALUAN = Give Way (Yield)
  • ZON HAD LAJU DIHADAPAN = Speed Limit Zone ahead
  • HAD LAJU = speed limits
  • HAD KETINGGIAN = Height limit
  • JALAN = Road
  • LEBUH RAYA = Highway
  • LEBUHRAYA BERKEMBAR DIHADAPAN = Dual-carriageway highway ahead
  • LEBUH = Street
  • PERSIARAN = Drive
  • LORONG MEMOTONG DI HADAPAN = Overtaking lane ahead
  • KENDERAAN BERAT SILA IKUT KIRI = Heavy vehicles, please keep left
  • KENDERAAN --- KELUAR/MASUK DIHADAPAN = --- Vehicles In/Out ahead
  • KECUALI KECEMASAN = Except Emergency
  • PERLAHAN = Slow/Slow Down
  • LAMPU ISYARAT DI HADAPAN = Traffic lights ahead
  • KENDERAAN BERPUSING DI HADAPAN = U-turn vehicles ahead
  • STESEN MINYAK = Petrol Station
  • KECEMASAN = Emergency
  • TEROWONG = Tunnel
  • NYALAKAN LAMPU AWDA or SILA NYALAKAN LAMPU = Turn on your headlamps/Please turn on headlamps
  • ANGIN LINTANG = Crosswind
  • GUNAKAN GEAR RENDAH = Shift to lower gears / Engage low gear
  • LALUAN MOTOSIKAL = Motorcycle lane
    • GUNAKAN LORONG MOTOSIKAL = Use motorcycle lane
  • KAWASAN SEKOLAH = School area
  • AIR TERJUN = Waterfall
  • PANTAI = Beach
  • KOMPLEKS SEJARAH = Historical Complex
  • MASJID = Mosque
  • WISMA/BANGUNAN = Building
    • LAPANGAN TERBANG ANTARABANGSA = International Airport
  • PUSAT KHIDMAT PELANGGAN = Customers Service Centre
  • PUSAT PENERANGAN PELANCONGAN = Tourist Information Centre
  • RUMAH SAKIT = Hospital
  • JAMBATAN = Bridge
  • JAMBATAN TIMBANG = Weighing Bridge
  • PLAZA TOL = Toll Plaza
  • TANDAS = Toilet
  • TELEFON = Telephone
  • BANGUNAN IBUSAWAT TELEFON = Telephone exchange building
  • MENARA = Tower
  • TANJUNG = Cape
  • TELUK = Bay
  • PULAU = Island
  • SUNGAI = River
  • PARIT = Canal
  • PINTU AIR = Water gate
  • KAWASAN TENTERA = Armed forces base area
  • KAWASAN LARANGAN = Prohibited area
  • KAWASAN BANJIR = Flood area
  • KAWASAN KEMALANGAN = Accident prone area
  • ZON PERANGKAP HAD LAJU = Speed trap zone
  • PERLAHAN KAWASAN SEKOLAH = Slow, school zone
  • KECUALI BAS SEKOLAH = Except school bus

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