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Anne Catherine Roberta Geddes-Harvey (née Geddes; 25 December 1849 – 22 April 1930) was a Canadian organist, choirmaster and composer. Roberta Geddes was born in Hamilton, Ontario, and studied music with Arthur E. Fisher, Humfrey Anger and Edward Fisher, graduating with a Bachelor of Music degree from Trinity College, Toronto, in 1899. After completing her studies, she worked as an organist in Hamilton, and then took a position in 1876 as choirmaster and organist at St. George's Anglican Church in Guelph. She died in Guelph, Ontario, in 1930.[1][2]


Geddes-Harvey wrote hymns, anthems, songs, and instrumental works bearing copyright dates from 1897 to 1919. Selected works include:

  • La Terre Bonne (The Land of the Maple Leaf) libretto by A. Klugh (lost)
  • The Old Boys Welcome, single remaining song from La Terre Bonne
  • Salvator, oratorio to words from the scriptures


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