Rock Steady Tour

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Rock Steady Tour
Tour by No Doubt
Associated album Rock Steady
Start date October 9, 2002
End date November 30, 2002
No Doubt concert chronology

The Rock Steady Tour was the third concert tour by No Doubt. Beginning on October 9, 2002 in St. Paul, Minnesota, it later ended in November in Anaheim. A show in Long Beach, California on November 22, 2002 was recorded and later released on a DVD entitled Rock Steady Live.


  1. "Rock Steady (intro)"
  2. "Hella Good"
  3. "Sunday Morning"
  4. "Ex-Girlfriend"
  5. "Underneath It All"
  6. "Don't Let Me Down"
  7. "Bathwater"
  8. "Platinum Blonde Life"
  9. "Magic's in the Makeup" (acoustic)
  10. "Running"
  11. "In My Head"
  12. "Excuse Me Mr."
  13. "Different People"
  14. "New"
  15. "Trapped in a Box"
  16. "Simple Kind of Life"
  17. "Just a Girl"
  18. "Hey Baby"
  19. "Don't Speak"


  1. "Rock Steady"
  2. "Sweetest Thing" (U2 cover)
  3. "Total Hate"
  4. "Spiderwebs"

Call Me by Blondie was covered during one performance