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The Rocky Mountain Talent Search (RMTS) is a talent search program based at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado for students in the states of Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, Montana, and Wyoming with high academic achievement. Students are selected from the top 95th percentile from each subject and are administered a number of college-entrance exams to determine their talent compared to others. If the exam scores are high enough, they are entered into a rigorous, 3-week-long summer education program at the University of Denver. Usually, around 300 students attended the RMTS high/middle school camp each year.

In 2007, the Rocky Mountain Talent Search summer program was renamed the Center for Innovative and Talented Youth (CITY). This is related to Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth (CTY) program. Forty-three high/middle school students attended the first year of CITY. CITY is now called the Center for Bright Kids.

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