Rodovia Professor Zeferino Vaz

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Rodovia Professor Zeferino Vaz
Rodovia General Milton Tavares de Souza (official name until 2010)
Rodovia Campinas-Paulínia
Route information
Maintained by the Department of Roads of the State of São Paulo (DER) and Rota das Bandeiras
Length81 km (50 mi)
ExistedJuly 14, 1981–present
Major junctions
North endRua Júlio Fernandes in Mogi Guaçu, SP
 SP-065.svg SP-065
PLN 010 (Rodovia Doutor Roberto Moreira)
SP-191.svg SP-191
South endRua Carolina Florence in Campinas, SP
Highway system
Highways in Brazil

Rodovia Professor Zeferino Vaz (official designation SP-332, also known as Rodovia Campinas-Paulínia or Tapetão) is a highway in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Until 2010, this highway was called Rodovia General Milton Tavares de Souza.

Just 23 km long, this double-lane highway has a high traffic within the urban zones of Campinas and Paulínia, it has been named in honour of teacher Zeferino Vaz and is maintained by the Department of Roads of the State of São Paulo (DER) and Rota das Bandeiras. It is best known as the road that connects the city of Campinas to the subdistrict of Barão Geraldo, where the State University of Campinas is located, as well as to the oil refinery of Petrobras and the adjoining industrial petrochemistry district of Paulínia.

The highway became the first in the State of São Paulo with public illumination along its entire length.


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