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Roelof Diodati (Dordrecht, 28 July 1658 – Batavia, 10 March 1723) was a governor of Dutch Mauritius in the late 17th century.


Diodati was from Swiss-Italian descent, his grandfather was Jean Diodati, a theologian, who translated the Bible in Italian. His father, born in Geneva, became a pastor of the Walloon church in Leiden in 1651.[1]

It is not obvious Rodolfo Diodati was one of a twin.[2] Both brothers took service at the Dutch East India Company, he became an accountant at the Cape from 1686 and then a merchant. He was appointed as governor of Mauritius from 1692-1703; in 1693 he had to deal with François Leguat.[3] In 1695, a big hurricane devastated the island, several of the Burghers lost all theirs crops, many left the island.[4]

Diodati seems to have been appointed in Suratte. Then he shifted to Batavia and he became a merchant and accountant on 4 January 1707; in 1709 he married Catharina Zaaiman, born on Dutch Mauritius. Her grandmother was Eva, a Khoikhoi interpreter for Jan van Riebeeck.[5]

Diodati became opperhoofd at the VOC post at Dejima Japan on 31 May 1720 and died in Batavia 10 March 1723.


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Preceded by
Isaac Johannes Lamotius
Governor of Dutch Mauritius
Succeeded by
Abraham Momber van de Velde