Rogachevo (air base)

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Airport type Military
Operator Russian Air Force
Location Belaya
Elevation AMSL 272 ft / 83 m
Coordinates 71°37′0″N 052°28′42″E / 71.61667°N 52.47833°E / 71.61667; 52.47833Coordinates: 71°37′0″N 052°28′42″E / 71.61667°N 52.47833°E / 71.61667; 52.47833
Direction Length Surface
ft m
16/34 8,202 2,500 Concrete

Rogachevo (recorded in various sources as Belushya, Rogachvo, or Rogatschovo) is a military air base on Novaya Zemlya, Russia located near the settlement of Rogachevo, 9 km northeast of Belushya Guba. It was originally used as a staging base for intercontinental Long Range Aviation bomber flights (as a so-called 'bounce' airdrome). The base developed an interceptor role during the 1960s, partly to deter SR-71 operations in the Arctic region.

Rogachevo's primary operating unit is the 641 Gv IAP (641st Guards Interceptor Aviation Regiment). It used Yak-28P (Firebar) aircraft, then received the Su-27 (Flanker) in 1985. It is possible that in 1993 the unit may have dispersed to Afrikanda. During the 1970s Tu-128 (Fiddler) aircraft deployed frequently to Rogachevo from southern locales. Around 1990 MiG-31 (Foxhound) aircraft were deployed on occasion. Rogachevo was largely tied to its rear air station, Naryan-Mar Airport. In 2017, Russia finished new construction on the air base focused on updating technology and adding more social infrastructure.


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