Roger J. Beaujard

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Roger J. Beaujard
Birth name Roger J. Beaujard
Born (1971-12-20) December 20, 1971 (age 46)
Bronxville, New York
Genres Death Metal, grindcore, deathgrind, industrial metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Record Label Owner
Web-Hosting and Design Company Owner
T-Shirt Printer
Graphic Artist
Instruments Guitar
Drum Machine
Bass Guitar
Years active 1991 - present
Labels Relapse Records
Mortician Records
Associated acts Mortician
Prosthetic Cunt
Primitive Brutality

Roger J. Beaujard (December 20, 1971, Bronxville, New York) is an American musician.

Roger is primarily known as the guitarist & drum machine programmer for the death metal band Mortician. He joined Mortician in January 1991, replacing Incantation guitarist John McEntee, who had been providing his services to Mortician until the band could find a permanent guitarist. Roger has also played drums in Mortician during live appearances while other musicians handled guitar duties, and composes most of the music for Mortician. Roger was born in Bronxville, New York and raised in Tuckahoe. After over a decade living in Long Pond, Pennsylvania, he currently resides in Highland, NY. He is also a self-proclaimed atheist.

Multi talented[edit]

In addition to playing guitar, drums, and programming the drum machine for Mortician, Roger performs these duties, as well as playing bass guitar and even doing vocals for other bands.

  • Roger was the drummer for American death metal band Malignancy until 2003.
  • Roger handles vocal, guitar, bass, and drum programming for Primitive Brutality, as well as composing the music and lyrics.
  • Roger is the founding member and main songwriter for the controversial metal act Prosthetic Cunt.
  • Roger is the composer for the 100% digital American grindcore band GRINDbot.
  • Roger has re-joined Malignancy (March 2010) this time around on bass guitar and is featured on the Eugenics CD. As of 2012 Roger has moved on from Malignancy.

Guitar preference[edit]

Roger is a long-time user of B.C. Rich guitars. He is most-often seen using an 80s-era red NJ Series B.C. Rich Bich with a Kahler tremolo system. Roger also has been known to use a BC Rich Warlock.[citation needed] More recently he is playing black and red B.C. Rich Mockingbirds.

Non-musician activities[edit]

Roger also busies himself with projects and occupations other than playing music.

  • He is the founder and owner of Primitive Recordings, an online record store and record label.
  • He was the founder and owner of Domains Unlimited, a web-hosting and design company.
  • He was the founder and owner of, a t-shirt printing business.

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