Rom (Star Trek)

Rom is a recurring character on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He is played by Max Grodénchik. Rom is the son of Keldar and Ishka, he is Quark's younger brother, the father of Nog. Born around 2335, Rom did not have the business acumen associated with the Ferengi race, he had a knack for fixing things but, until around 2372, he worked as a waiter and stock boy in his brother Quark's bar on Deep Space Nine. In the first episode, he was credited only as "Ferengi Pit Boss". Rom displays a lack of confidence due to Quark's habit of belittling him. However, there is evidence to suggest that Quark was attempting to protect Rom from inevitable failure by preventing him from venturing into business for himself. After four years living among Federation and Bajoran citizens on the station, inspired by his son Nog's admission to Starfleet, Rom left the bar to become an engineer in the Bajoran Militia. Odo once described Rom as "an idiot, couldn't fix a straw if it was bent"; these opinions, were only due to Rom's social ineptitude and meek subservient and stood in stark contrast to his genius as an engineer.

This talent allowed him to play an important role in the station's participation in the Dominion War. In 2373, Rom designed and distributed a self-replicating minefield that blocked access to the Bajoran wormhole and prevented Dominion reinforcements from entering the Alpha Quadrant for several months, his first wife, bore his son Nog. She stayed behind on Ferenginar when Rom first came to Deep Space Nine, but the marriage was dissolved after she and her father stole the bulk of his profits. Rom married Leeta, a Bajoran Dabo girl employed at Quark's bar, after a period of doubt about her love after having been burned in his first marriage; when Grand Nagus Zek became less greedy after coming into contact with the Bajoran prophets, he founded the Ferengi Benevolent Association and appointed Rom chairman. However, acting atypically, Rom took advantage of the opportunity and embezzled money from the charity. Throughout his seven years on DS9, Rom underwent great personal growth as a colleague, in nearly every other aspect of his life and career.

He proved valuable, on several occasions, in helping his people deal with important issues facing their society. In 2375, to the shock of everyone, including Rom himself, Zek appointed Rom to succeed him as Grand Nagus, becoming the new leader of the Ferengi and their economy. Rom's political affiliations are hinted as being left-wing and more liberal than those of his brother. In the episode'Bar Association' he forms a union of the bar staff at Quark's bar and quotes Karl Marx as well as demonstrating admiration for Miles O'Brien's ancestor, Sean Aloysius O'Brien, a union leader. Quark and Nog do not understand or speak English/Federation Standard, but rather rely on Universal Translators implanted near their ears. Rom at Memory Alpha Rom at Memory Alpha Star Trek official site

Moley Robotics

Moley Robotics is a robotics company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It was founded by Mark Oleynik in 2015 to create service robots for kitchen use, it is best known for creating the first robot kitchen called The Moley Robotic Kitchen. Mark Oleynik, a computer scientist, founded the Moley Robotics in -512 as a way to have good food at home without the skills to make it. In 2015, Moley Robotics partnered started working on a robotic kitchen. Subsequently, the company introduced its Robotic Kitchen, it made its debut at the Hannover Messe industrial robotics trade fair in Hannover, Germany in April 2015. The Robotic Kitchen has been distinguished in several international engineering events. In May 2015, the Robotic Kitchen won the "Best of the Best" CES Shanghai award in China. In January 2016, the prototype was finalist at the first edition of the UAE AI & Robotics Award in the international category, health sector; the consumer version of the Robotic Kitchen was slated to launch in 2018.

The current prototype of the Moley Robotic Kitchen includes two robotic arms with hands equipped with tactile sensors, an oven, an electric stove, a dishwasher and a touchscreen unit. These artificial hands can pick up and interact with most kitchen equipment, such as blenders, whisks and the hob, it captures, with an integrated 3D camera and wired glove, the entire work of a human chef and upload it into a database. The chef's actions are translated into digital movements using gesture recognition algorithms created in collaboration with Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University professors; the Robotic Kitchen reproduces the whole sequence of actions to cook an identical meal from scratch. In the current prototype, the user operates the installation via a built-in touchscreen or smartphone application with cooking ingredients prepared in advance and put in preset locations. Moley Robotic's objective in the future is to enable the user to select from a library of over 2,000 recorded recipes.

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Revealed frog

The revealed tree frog or whirring tree frog, is a species of tree frog native to coastal eastern Australia. This frog reaches 40 mm in length, it is cream to red-brown on the back, with a darker band running down the middle. Males turn bright yellow in colour during the breeding season. A dark strip runs across the tympanum; the back the legs are red and the thigh is yellow-orange. Some large black dots occur on the backs of legs; the belly is cream and the iris is golden. It is distributed in four separate populations. Two populations occur in Queensland; this population is from New South Wales, to Tamborine National Park, Queensland. The most southern population the largest, occurs in mid-northern New South Wales; this population is distributed between Ourimbah in the south and the Myall Lakes National Park in the north a population occurs around Port Macquarie, but this is part of the southern population. These four population may represent more than one species; this species is associated with dam impondments, ditches and still areas of streams in heathland, wet or dry sclerophyll forest, rainforest.

Males make a high-pitched whirring noise. Anstis, M. 2002. Tadpoles of South-eastern Australia. Reed New Holland: Sydney. Robinson, M. 2002. A Field Guide to Frogs of Australia. Australian Museum/Reed New Holland: Sydney. Red List Frogs Australia Network-frog call available here