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Romanian Front in Romania

The Romanian Front (Russian: Румынский фронт) was a joint formation of the Imperial Russian Army and the Romanian Army during the First World War.


The Front was created in mid-December 1916 out of the headquarters of the former Russian Danubian Army, following the defeat of Romanians in the Battle of Turtucaia (Southern Dobrudja). Nominally the commanding officer of the front was Ferdinand I of Romania, however the de facto power lay in his "deputies": Russian generals delegated by the Stavka.

Initially the front consisted of three armies: the 4th Army, 6th Army and 9th Army. Soon it was joined by the forces of 1st Romanian Army (under General Constantin Cristescu) and Second Romanian Army (under Alexandru Averescu), and in September 1917 by the Russian 8th Army.

Following the Bolshevik coup-d'etat the front was merged with the Southwestern Front as Ukrainian Front under administration of the Central Rada of Ukraine.



Commander in Chief
Deputies of the Commander in Chief
Chief of Staff
  • 12.12.1916 – 08.04.1917 – General Mikhail Shishkevich
  • 17.04.1917 – 15.10.1917 – General Nikolai Golovin
  • 23.10.1917 – ? – General Georgiy Viranovskiy


Original composition (December 1916)
Later added (Summer 1917)
Other formations (uncertain status)

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