Romanian Social Democratic Party (1990–2001)

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The Romanian Social Democratic Party (Romanian: Partidul Social Democrat Român, PSDR) was a social-democratic political party in Romania. Founded in 1990, after the fall of the Communist party rule in Romania, it claimed to be the direct successor of the Romanian Social Democratic Party existing between 1927 and 1948, when it had merged with the Communist Party of Romania to create the Romanian Workers' Party. Joining the Socialist International, the party entered alliances with the Democratic Party (forming Uniunea Social-Democrată during the 1996 legislative election), and took part in the Romanian Democratic Convention governments of Victor Ciorbea, Radu Vasile, and Mugur Isărescu (briefly leading the coalition government with Alexandru Athanasiu in 1999). The PSDR adhered to the Social Democratic Pole of Romania, and fused into the Social Democratic Party on January 16, 2001.

A minority wing opposed to the merger survived as Partidul Social Democrat "Constantin Titel Petrescu", later reforming itself as the Social-Democratic Workers' Party, which was dissolved in 2013.[1]

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