Ronchetto sul Naviglio

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Ronchetto sul Naviglio
Quartiere of Milan
Country  Italy
Region Lombardy
Province Milan
Comune Milan
Zone 6
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Ronchetto sul Naviglio is a district ("quartiere") of Milan, Italy, part of the Zone 6 administrative division of the city. Before being annexed to Milan (in 1923), it has been an autonomous comune until 1870, and a frazione of Buccinasco between 1870 and 1923.

Ronchetto is probably named after an ancient cascina (farmhouse) by that name; in turn, the name of the cascina is derived from the Lombard word ronch, which refers to different types of cultivated areas.[1]

The original structure of the once rural settlement of Ronchetto is almost completely unrecognizable in the modern district, which has experienced a massive urbanization process in the 20th century and is now seamlessly connected to the urban agglomeration of Milan. A landmark of Ronchetto is a modern, 700-metre-long (2,300 ft) bridge that crosses both the Naviglio Grande canal and the Milan-Mortara railway, connecting Ronchetto to the Giambellino-Lorenteggio district.

The district has been experiencing a long period of decay and is often described as a degraded area.[2] The Duomo Connection trial of the late 1980s revealed the extensive activity of the Mafia in the district.[3]

Ronchetto sul Naviglio is also remembered as the scene of a battle between Italian partisans and the German army, occurred on 25 April 1945, i.e., the very day when Italy proclaimed its liberation from the German rule.


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Coordinates: 45°26′22″N 9°07′39″E / 45.43944°N 9.12750°E / 45.43944; 9.12750