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Ropework or marlinespike seamanship are traditional umbrella terms for a skillset spanning the use and repair of rope. Included are tying knots, making lashings and proper use and storage of rope. While the skill of a sailor in the Age of Sail was judged by how well he knew marlinespike seamanship, the knowledge it embraces involving docking a craft, making repairs underway, more is still critical for modern seafarers. A whipping knot is a means of holding the cut end of a rope together to prevent fraying and ensure ease of use. Constrictor knots can serve as temporary whippings while cutting ropes, as can a few layers of adhesive tape; the simplest form is the common whipping. Modern synthetic fibers such as Nylon and polyester can make use of alternative methods such as fusion, which uses heat to melt the fibers to make a clean cut and permanent end. However, the rope and knotting expert Geoffrey Budworth warns against the practice of fusing thus: Sealing rope ends this way is lazy and dangerous.

A tugboat operator once sliced the palm of his hand open down to the sinews after the hardened end of a rope, heat-sealed pulled through his grasp. There is no substitute for a properly made whipping. List of knots List of knot terminology Rope splicing Marlinespike

Michael Bland

Michael Bland is an American musician best known as a drummer for Prince starting in 1989. He was with Prince during The New Power Generation era and played with him live and on albums for seven years. From 1995 to 1997, along with Sonny Thompson and played live with French pop star France Gall—they appear on one studio album and two live albums. In 2010, Bland became a member of Nick Jonas and the Administration along with other former members of The New Power Generation, bass player Sonny T. and keyboardist Tommy Barbarella. He worked with Vulfpeck playing drums on "Hero Town", released October 2017. Bland was born in Minnesota, he graduated from Minneapolis South High School in 1987. He still lives in Minneapolis, but plays in Los Angeles as a session drummer for such artists as Mandy Moore, Clay Aiken, Backstreet Boys, the Anchorman soundtrack, he played with Prince from 1989 to 1996, Paul Westerberg in 1996, Chaka Khan in 1997, Maxwell 1998–2000. In 1997, he auditioned as drummer for the new Guns N' Roses lineup, however Josh Freese was hired insteadIn 2000, he played in the Minneapolis project of French reed player Michel Portal.

With Jef Lee Johnson and Sonny T. Michael Bland created News from the Jungle, which recorded one album for Universal produced by Jean Rochard. Both bands, Michel Portal's and News from the Jungle, toured in France. Bland played on several tracks of the Michel Portal album Birdwatcher in 2006. In 2005, Bland was the drummer for Paul Westerberg's tour, he played on the Hurricane Katrina Relief telethon with the Dixie Chicks. Bland is now working as a producer working with the upcoming rock-pop band Catchpenny from Minneapolis, he is the drummer on Soul Asylum's album The Silver Lining. He tours with them. Bland, with colleague and ex-NPG member Sonny T. teamed up with Prince once again to provide drumming for the title track of Prince's 3121 album. Bland played drums on Indigenous's 2006 album, Chasing the Sun. In 2007 Bland & Thompson laid down the rhythmtracks for some tracks on Prince's 2007 CD'Planet Earth'; when not on tour, Bland can be found every Sunday and Monday night at the nightclub "Bunker's" in downtown Minneapolis performing with Dr. Mambo's Combo.

Bland performs in the area with pop/R&B band, The Rule. During the fall of 2007 Michael Bland has been busy working on a release by his own protégé, performing with her in the Minneapolis area as well as recording a studio album, her first release, the Stereotype EP, came out in 2007. Michael Bland continued working with Mayda and played on and produced a full-length album with her in 2009, titled The Interrogation. In 2011, he produced Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter Taylor Baggott's album Pick Me Up, along with Ryan Liestman. Bland played his CD release show at The Dakota Jazz Club, he continued to work with Baggott, helped develop his talent, songwriting and is helping him launch his career with a new album under the stage name, Taylor Robert. Michael Bland was the drummer of The Administration, he is rehearsing with The Peterson Family as the Petersons prepare to go on an Australian tour in the summer of 2010. He is currently touring with Soul Asylum, he plays on their new album: Change of Fortune.

In a 2016 tribute to Prince for The Pods & Sods Network, Michael shares memories about joining the New Power Generation, Prince as a bandleader, working in the studio and reflections about his time in Prince's band. I Am – Elisa Fiorillo Smile Blue – Ricky Peterson Diamonds and Pearls – Prince and the New Power Generation Whatever Happened to the BluesPhil Upchurch I'm ReadyTevin Campbell The Voice – Mavis Staples 1-800-NEW-FUNK – Various Artists Come – Prince and the New Power Generation 3 Chains o' Gold – Prince and the New Power Generation The Gold Experience – Prince A Tear Can Tell – Ricky Peterson Love Is Strange – Phil Upchurch Closer than CloseRosie Gaines Chaos and Disorder – Prince Emancipation – Prince FranceFrance Gall Live at the Olympia – France Gall Salinas – Luis Salinas Eventually – Paul Westerberg Concert Privé – France Gall That's Right – George Benson Crystal Ball – Prince CPR – David Crosby Minneapolis – Michel Portal Now – Maxwell News From The Jungle – Jef Lee Johnson The HandlerHar Mar Superstar Coverage – Mandy Moore 3121 – Prince Turn Around |Turn Around]] – Jonny Lang The Silver Lining – Soul Asylum Birdwatcher – Michel Portal Bringing Back the FunkBrian Culbertson Mr. Finish Line – Vulfpeck From and.

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Bank of Singapore

Bank of Singapore is a Singapore-based private banking arm of OCBC Bank. Known as ING Asia Private Bank, it was acquired by OCBC Bank in 2009 from ING Group for US$1.46 billion. As at 31 December 2019, Bank of Singapore's assets under management was US$117 billion. Bank of Singapore serves high net worth individuals and wealthy families in its key markets of Southeast Asia, Greater China, Indian subcontinent and other international markets. Headquartered in Singapore, Bank of Singapore has branches in Hong Kong and Dubai International Financial Centre, with representative offices in Manila and Dubai. In Europe, the bank serves clients through BOS Wealth Management Europe Société Anonyme, headquartered in Luxembourg and has a London office. In Malaysia, it serves its clients through BOS Wealth Management Malaysia. Bank of Singapore is rated Aa1 by Moody's; the bank was launched on 29 January 2010 by the acquisition of ING Asia Private Bank by OCBC Bank in 2009, as a result of ING's restructuring plan, following a government bailout of ING Group in 2008, due to the financial crisis in the late 2000s.

Its current headquarters, the Bank of Singapore Centre at Market Street, was opened on June 2011. Since the bank has been strengthening its position in the Asia Pacific region. In April 2016, OCBC Bank announced that Bank of Singapore, its private banking subsidiary, had acquired the wealth and investment management business of Barclays in Singapore and Hong Kong; the transaction was completed in November 2016, with US$13 billion of assets transferred to Bank of Singapore. More than 60 private bankers from Barclays joined Bank of Singapore as a result of the acquisition. Bank of Singapore partnered the Wealth Management Institute and Nanyang Technological University to launch an Advanced Diploma in Private Banking Programme for its private bankers in May 2016. In October 2016, Bank of Singapore announced that DZ PRIVATBANK Singapore will refer their clients to the bank as it ceases its operations in Singapore. DZ PRIVATBANK is a subsidiary of the third largest bank in Germany, DZ Bank AG. In November 2016, Bank of Singapore received regulatory approval to operate a branch in Dubai International Financial Centre.

The set-up of the branch allows Bank of Singapore to offer a comprehensive range of customized private banking solutions including investments and wealth planning advisory services to its ultra high and high net worth clients. The branch was opened on 19 February 2017 by the Deputy Ruler of Dubai and President of Dubai International Financial Centre His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In July 2018, Bank of Singapore was granted an investment company license to operate a wealth management subsidiary in Luxembourg – a first for a Singapore private bank. Bank of Singapore, through this new subsidiary, BOS Wealth Management Europe Société Anonyme, can offer a comprehensive range of customised private banking solutions and investment advisory services to its ultra-high and high net worth clients in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom; the EEA comprises the European Union countries and Iceland and Norway. BOS Wealth Management Europe S. A. was launched on 1 April 2019 in Luxembourg.

The official opening for its UK branch in London was held the next day. The bank provides customised wealth management and lending services, on top of general banking services provided by its parent bank, OCBC Bank, it offers financial analysis in areas such as international equities and estate planning services

The Phoenix and the Carpet

The Phoenix and the Carpet is a fantasy novel for children, written by E. Nesbit and first published in 1904, it is the second in a trilogy of novels that begins with Five Children and It, follows the adventures of the same five children: Cyril, Robert and the Lamb. Their mother buys the children a new carpet to replace one from the nursery that they have destroyed in an accidental fire; the children find an egg in the carpet. The Phoenix explains; the five children go on many adventures, which wears out their magic carpet. The adventures are continued and concluded in the third book of the trilogy, The Story of the Amulet; this middle volume of the trilogy that begins with Five Children and It and concludes with The Story of the Amulet, deviates somewhat from the other two in that the Psammead is mentioned only and in this volume the five children live with both their parents in the family home in London. In both the other volumes, circumstances have forced the children to spend protracted periods away from their home and their father.

A continuing theme throughout The Phoenix and the Carpet is the ancient element of fire. The story begins shortly before 5 November, celebrated in Britain as Guy Fawkes Night; the four children have accumulated a small hoard of fireworks for the night, but they are too impatient to wait until 5 November to light them, so they set off a few samples in the nursery. This results in the fire, their parents purchase a second-hand carpet, found to contain an egg that emits a phosphorescent glow. The children accidentally knock this egg into the fire: it hatches, revealing a golden talking Phoenix, it develops that this is a magic carpet that can transport the children anywhere they wish in the present time, although it is capable of satisfying only three wishes a day. Accompanied by the Phoenix, the children have exotic adventures. There is one moment of terror when the youngest, the baby known as the Lamb, crawls onto the carpet, babbles incoherently and vanishes, but it turns out that the Lamb only desires to be with his mother.

At a few points in the novel, the children find themselves in predicaments from which the Phoenix is unable to rescue them by himself, so he goes to find the Psammead and has a wish granted for the children's sake. In addition, at the end the carpet is sent to ask the Psammead to grant the Phoenix's wish; these offstage incidents are the only contributions made by the Psammead to this story. The Phoenix and the Carpet features depictions of London during the reign of Edward VII. At one point, the children and their supernatural bird visit the Phoenix Fire Insurance Company: the egotistical Phoenix assumes that this is a temple dedicated to him and that the insurance executives must be his acolytes; the children have an encounter with two older ruffians and Ike, who attempt to steal the Phoenix. Four of the children attend a Christmas pantomime at a theatre in the West End of London, smuggling the Phoenix along inside Robert's coat; the Phoenix is so excited by this spectacle. All ends well when the Phoenix magically reverses the damage: no one is harmed, the theatre remains intact.

One aspect of The Phoenix and the Carpet, unusual for children's fantasy fiction is the fact that the magical companion does not treat all the children equally. The Phoenix favours Robert, the child who put his egg in the fire, albeit by accident, over his brother Cyril and their sisters; this is a mixed privilege, as Robert is lumbered with the duty of smuggling the Phoenix past their parents at inconvenient moments. In the novel's final chapter, the Phoenix announces that he has reached the end of his current lifespan and must begin the cycle again on the grounds that life with the children has left him far more exhausted than he would have been in the wilderness, he lays a new egg from which he will be reborn. Under the Phoenix's direction, the children prepare an altar with sweet incense, upon which the Phoenix immolates himself; the magic carpet has reached the end of its lifespan, as it was never intended to be walked upon and, at the request of the Phoenix, it takes the egg to a place where it won't hatch again for 2,000 years.

There is a happy ending, with the children receiving a parcel of gifts from an "unknown benefactor" and Robert receiving a single golden feather. But the feather has vanished by the evening; the last volume in the trilogy, The Story of the Amulet, contains a minor episode in which the children travel thousands of years into the past and encounter the Phoenix, who does not recognise them because the events of the previous book have not happened yet. Chapter One: "The Egg" When their old carpet is destroyed by their fireworks, the siblings get a new nursery carpet and discover a mysterious egg wrapped within it. Robert accidentally rolls the egg into the fire and out hatches the Phoenix, who tells the tale of the magic carpet. Chapter Two: "Topless Tower" The children go on their first adventure with the carpet and the Phoenix and while they discover treasure they learn the limitations of the carpet and must get rescued by the Psammead's wish fulfilling abilities. Chapter Three: "The Queen Cook" While on an adventure to cure the Lamb of whooping cough, the children are forced by circumstances to take along their cook.

Once they are on a sunny tropical island, the Cook is thought to be a queen by the natives living on the island and is content to be left behind. Chapter Four: "Two Bazaars" The children go on an adventure wit


Naumule is a rural municipality located in Dailekh District of Karnali Province of Nepal. Naumule, Baluwatar Dwari, Kalika and Chauratha which were all separate Village development committees merged to form this new local level body. Fulfilling the requirement of the new Constitution of Nepal 2015, Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration replaced all old VDCs and Municipalities into 753 new local level bodies; the total area of the rural municipality is 228.59 square kilometres and the total population of the rural municipality as of 2011 Nepal census is 20,802 individuals. The rural municipality is divided into total 8 wards; the headquarters of the municipality is situated at Naumule. Official website

Mikel Orbegozo

Mikel Orbegozo Orbegozo is a Spanish footballer who plays for Real Unión as a striker. Born in San Sebastián, Orbegozo began his career with hometown club Real Sociedad, playing four seasons with the reserves. In 2009–10, he scored a career-best 26 goals as the Basques returned to the third division after one year out. On 2 July 2011, free agent Orbegozo signed a contract with neighbouring Athletic Bilbao, keeping him at the club until 2014, he was assigned to the B-team in the third level. In early January 2012, Orbegozo was loaned to Gimnàstic de Tarragona in division two, on a six-month deal, he made his league debut in a 0 -- 1 away loss against Celta de Vigo. After subsequently serving loan stints at Sestao River Club and SD Amorebieta, Orbegozo was released by the Lions on 26 May 2014. On 15 June he joined another reserve team, Getafe CF B. Orbegozo's older brother, Jon, is a footballer and a forward, he played and scored in the third tier with SD Lemona, Barakaldo CF and Amorebieta, but never featured in the professional divisions.

Although they were opponents on several occasions, the siblings did not play together as seniors. Mikel Orbegozo at Athletic Bilbao Mikel Orbegozo at BDFutbol Mikel Orbegozo at Futbolme Mikel Orbegozo at Soccerway