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Rosa Mundi was the name of a very short lived electronic music supergroup which consisted of Rose McDowall,[1] John Balance[1] and possibly Peter Christopherson.[citation needed] The group is credited for "The Snow Man" which appeared on the compilations The Final Solstice and The Final Solstice II[1] and the split 7" vinyl Grief. It is also credited on the song "Christmas Is Now Drawing Near" from the Coil single Winter Solstice: North,[2] later released on Moons Milk (In Four Phases). Since both songs, "The Snow Man" and "Christmas Is Now Drawing Near", were both originally released in 1999, it can be said that this is the only year the group functioned.

However, the song "Rosa Decidua" from the 1998 Coil EP Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers, while not credited to Rosa Mundi, has exactly the same line-up.[citation needed]

Alternatively, some critics have inferred that "Rosa Mundi" is simply an alternative name for Rosa McDowall, and not the name of a group at all.[2]


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