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The 2007 festival was the wettest Roskilde Festival ever.

Roskilde Festival 2007 was held 5 –8 July 2007 with warm-up and camping from 1 July. The stages Metropol and Ballroom were replaced by two new stages, Astoria and Cosmopol. On 4 June 2007 the festival's website announced that the festival was sold out.

2007 was the wettest year in the history of the festival with almost 100 mm (3.9 in) of rain falling, which meant that large lakes formed in the camping and festival areas. This is also more than double the amount of rain that fell during the festival in 1997, the year which was previously the worst in terms of rain. Furthermore, half the entire amount of rain came on Thursday the 5th of July, a day which saw rain without stop from early morning till approximately midnight. The extreme weather meant that somewhere around 5000 people left the festival early while many more chose to leave the festival in the night and return to catch shows the following morning for the rest of the festival.

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