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Rotana Group
Industry Music, Television, Radio, Media Services, Hospitality, Tourism
Founded 1987
Headquarters Dubai, UAE
Area served
Middle East, Africa & Europe
Key people
Fahad AlSukait, CEO
Owner Al-Waleed bin Talal
21st Century Fox (18.97%)[1][2]
Subsidiaries Rotana Hotels

Rotana Group (Arabic: روتانا‎, Rōtānā), also known simply as Rotana, is the Arab World's largest entertainment company. It is primarily owned by the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, with an 18.97% share held by 21st Century Fox.

The large pan-Arab media conglomerate includes a film production company (Rotana Studios), a magazine (Rotana Magazine), television (Rotana TV), seven music channels (Rotana Radio), a record label (Rotana Records), a hotel management company (Rotana Hotels) and others.

Rotana group was founded by Ibrahim Nagro and his brothers, with a 50% share to the Saudi business man Saleeh Kameel. The company was then was sold to the Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

Rotana Hotels[edit]

Rotana Hotels (Arabic: روتانا‎), also known as Rotana or Rotana Hotel Management Corporation PJSC, is a hotel management company currently operating in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. At present, Rotana Hotels has a portfolio featuring over 100 properties across 26 cities.

Rotana Hotels operates five sub brand, including Rotana Hotels & Resorts,[3] Centro Hotels by Rotana,[4] Rayhaan Hotels & Resorts by Rotana,[5] Ajaan Hotel Apartments by Rotana,[6] and The Residences by Rotana.[7][8]

Rotana Records[edit]

Rotana Records (Arabic: تسجيلات روتانا‎) is the Arab World's largest record label, with over 100 signed artists.[9]

Rotana Radio[edit]

Rotana is a series of radio stations belonging to Rotana Group, a big pan-Arab entertainment group. Rotana Radio broadcasts in a number of Arab countries under varying names and with unique programming for each country: Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria and play almost exclusively music released by Rotana Records.

Stations currently broadcasting and frequencies:

  • Lebanon: Radio Rotana Delta - Beirut - 102 FM
  • Jordan: Radio Rotana Jordan - Amman 99 FM, Al Aqabah 11.1 FM, Irbed- Alsalt 90.50 FM
  • Saudi Arabia: Radio Rotana FM Saudi Arabia - Riyadh 88 FM, Jeddah 88 FM, Aldammam 100 FM, Rotana radio KSA online [10]
  • Syria: Radio Style FM - Damascus 105 FM

The stations play almost mostly music released by Rotana Records.

Rotana TV channels[edit]

Numericable (France) Channel 643 (Cinema)
Channel 644 (Clip)
Channel 645 (Aflam)
Channel 749 (Khalijia)
Channel 751 (Masriya)
Channel 752 (Classic)
Channel 754 (Musika)
Channel 771 (Al Resala)
Freebox TV (France) Channel 479 (LBC)
Channel 491 (Al Resala)
Channel 492 (Aflam)
Channel 493 (Cinema)
Channel 494 (Clip)
Channel 495 (Khalijia)
Channel 496 (Masriya)
Channel 497 (Musika)
Channel 498 (Classic)
MT Box (Morocco)
  • Channel 47 (Rotana Khalijia, SD)
  • Channel 71 (LBC, SD)
  • Channel 77 (Rotana Aflam, SD)
  • Channel 79 (Rotana Masriya, SD)
  • Channel 111 (Al Resala, SD)

Rotana TV has many specialized channels. General programming stations include Khalījīya (الخليجية), LBCSat (al-Fadaʼīyah al Lubnānīyah الفضائية اللبنانية), Rotana Media Services (RMS) and RMS Outdoor. Rotana film channels include Fox Movies, Fox (formerly Fox Series), Rotana Cinema and Rotana Zaman (for classic movies). Rotana also runs a number of music channels including Rotana Clip, Rotana Mousica and Nagham, and an Islamic religious channel Al-Resala.


  • Rotana Khalijia (الخليجية) (General Entertainment) -The channel was originally launched initially as a musical channel broadcasting mainly music from the Persian Gulf region. Later on, however, Rotana Khalijia became a general viewing channel airing films, television series and lifestyle programming.
  • Rotana Masriya (General Entertainment) - A channel broadcasting mainly films, television series and lifestyle programming from Egypt.
  • LBC Sat previously known as Al Fadaiyyah al Lubnaniyyah - A channel broadcasting general women entertainment Programs.
  • Fox (Middle East) - Launched in 2008, this was formerly named Fox Series or simply Fox and was a Middle Eastern version of the American Fox Channel. The channel was relaunched as Fox on 1 March 2011. Now part of the beIN and OSN subscription packages.
  • FX TV - FX Middle East was launched in Summer 2011 (between June and July) as a new member of the FOX Middle East Family (Fox (Middle East) & Fox Movies (Middle East) but then it suddenly closed though The Walking Dead episode on February 2014 for unknown reasons).
  • Fox Movies - A channel broadcasting American films 24 hours a day based on films produced by Fox. Now part of the beIN and OSN subscription packages.
  • Rotana Cinema (Movies Channel) - A movie channel established in 2005 that broadcasts exclusively old and contemporary films in Arabic, becoming the most successful and watched channel of the network.
  • Rotana Classic (Classic Movies) previously Rotana Zaman - A free to air satellite television specialty channel that initially broadcasts Arabic classic Arabic films in black and white 24 hours a day. Another specialty channel Rotana Tarab broadcast classical Arabic music round the clock. The Rotana administration, however, decided to scrap Tarab and merge it into Classic in 2012 such that the latter started broadcasting a mixture of classical Arabic films and music in its general programming. Its slogan in Arabic is جواهر خالدة, "Immortal Jewels".
  • Rotana Aflam (Films Channel) - Aflam in Arabic means movies and driven from the word film. This free to air satellite television channel was launched by Rotana Group on 25 April 2012. It mainly broadcasts Arabic and international movies. Its slogan is أفلام ولا في الأحلام, "Movies beyond your imaginations". It also plays a role in furthering the film industry in the Arab world by featuring a selection of films produced in various parts of the MENA region in their original dialects, Arabic, Egyptian, Khaliji, Syrian, and Lebanese.
  • Rotana Clip (Music Clips Channel)
  • Rotana Mousica (Music Channel)
  • Al-Resala (Islamic Religious Channel)
  • AXN - AXN Middle East was launched in 2017 (between June and July) as a new member of the AXN Middle East Family (Sony MAX & Sony Channel).


Rotana has developed an extensive network of companies that support the various radio and television stations. These include:

  • Rotana Magazine, an Arabic language arts and entertainment weekly pan-Arab publication published by the Rotana Group addressed mainly to Arab youth and Arab women in the Middle East, the Arab World and the Arab diaspora.
  • Rotana Media Services (RMS or rms), the media marketing and advertising wing of Rotana Group established in 2004 and providing advertising services and comprehensive media services to the various radio stations and television channels run by Rotana.
  • RMS Outdoor, handling advertising and promotion of outdoor advertisements.
  • Rotana Studios, created mid-2005 to focus on film production, Rotana in partnership with twofour54 to co-produce an initial line up of 12 television films using twofour54's production and post-production facilities.[11]
  • Rotana Café is a series of trendy theme café built around the Rotana franchise name. Besides food and drinks, the cafés offer an arts space, latest video clips, CDs, various Rotana merchandise and memorabilia. It also features occasionally CD launching and meetings with various Rotana stars. There are a great number of Rotana Cafés in various cities throughout the Arab World and worldwide.


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