Rough Guides

Rough Guides Ltd is a British travel guidebook and reference publisher, owned by APA Publications since November 2017. In addition to publishing guidebooks, the company provides a tailor-made trips service based on customers’ individual criteria; the Rough Guides travel titles cover more than 200 destinations beginning with the 1982 Rough Guide to Greece, a book conceived by Mark Ellingham, dissatisfied with the polarisation of existing guidebooks between cost-obsessed student guides and "heavyweight cultural tomes". Aimed at low-budget backpackers, the guidebooks have incorporated more expensive recommendations since the early 1990s, are now marketed to travellers on all budgets. Since the late 1990s the books have contained colour printing. Much of the books' travel content is available online. In November 2007, after the company had celebrated "25 Rough Years" with a celebratory series of books, Ellingham left Rough Guides to set up a new green and ethical imprint, GreenProfile, at Profile Books.

Rough Guides was run from 2003 until in the decade by co-founder Martin Dunford and Andrew Lockett, under the aegis of Penguin before their merger with Random House. In 2017, Rough Guides was sold to parent of Insight Guides, it is now based at APA's offices near Bermondsey, in London. The slogan of Rough Guides is "Make the Most of Your Time on Earth". Most of the series' early titles were written or edited by John Fisher, Jack Holland and Martin Dunford, who along with Mark Ellingham were co-founders and owners of Rough Guides. In 1995, they negotiated the sale of the series to Penguin Books, a process, completed in 2002. In 1994, the first non-travel Rough Guides books were published: The Rough Guide to World Music and The Rough Guide to Classical Music; the success of these titles encouraged expansion of the Rough Guides format into other areas of publishing to cover a range of reference subjects, including music – covering genres such as world music, hip-hop and individual artists – and topics such as film, popular science, ethical living, true crime, Shakespeare and birth, plus the Internet and related subjects such as eBay, blogging and iPods.

In November 2018, Rough Guides launched its tailormade trips service. The service offers individualized travel experiences chosen by the traveller, planned by a local expert, booked by Rough Guides. In keeping with the brand ethos, the trips include some sort of adventurous component, dependent on what the traveller has asked for. Rough Guides migrated to digital platforms with the launch of Rough Guides city guides for iOS, Android and Windows platforms, interactive e-books, downloadable guide chapters. In January 2013 Rough Guides launched a new website. From 1 April 2019, Rough Guides started rolling out a scheme to offer a free downloadable e-book with every print guide purchased. Rough Guides runs a podcast called The Rough Guide to Everywhere, launched in 2017; the podcast explores topical travel issues and interviews inspirational travel personalities who have unique stories to tell. The first episode went live on 30 January 2017 with the first two series being hosted by Greg Dickinson.

On 3 May 2019, Rough Guides announced series 3 and introduced the new hosts, Rebecca Hallett and Neil McQuillian. The first episode of series 4 is hosted by Aimee White. On 9 April 2019, it was announced that The Rough Guide to Everywhere had been nominated for the Best Branded Podcast category at The British Podcast Awards. In association with UK-based record label World Music Network, Rough Guides has issued over 350 recorded anthologies of the music of various nations and regions. In addition to their "Rough Guide" Series, the record label World Music Network has released 130 recordings in their other "Introducing", "Riverboat", "Think Global" Series. In the late 1980s, the Rough Guides brand was spun off into a series of travel shows on United Kingdom television channel BBC 2. Part of Janet Street Porter's DEF II strand, alongside Rapido and Jovanotti's Gimme 5, the show became established in BBC 2's early 1990s evening schedule. Editions of the show hosted by Sigue Sigue Sputnik associate Magenta Devine, were repeated on the Sky Travel channel until 2005.

A new Rough Guide series of fifteen thirty-minute programmes started production in November 2007 and began airing on Channel 5, on 7 January 2008. A second'Rough Guide to…' series was aired starting in November 2008. In May 2007, Mark Ellingham said he had grave concerns about the growth of air travel because of its growing contribution to climate change, he launched a joint awareness campaign with Tony Wheeler, Rough Guides began including a "health warning" in each of its travel guides, urging readers to "Fly less, stay longer" wherever possible. Official website

My Redbreast

My Redbreast is a 2012 play by Georgian playwright Miho Mosulishvili. Sopho returns from America, where she has been for the last twelve years, for the anniversary of her husband's death, she finds that Shoka, is pregnant. Moreover, it turns out that her husband, has not died, he married his tombstone in their yard was just a means of extorting money from Sopho. The husband and her son Toko cheated Sopho to take money from her and pay for the interest for the apartment, which they had put in the bank, they are alarmed by Sopho's unexpected arrival. Sopho decides not to go back to America, although Toko manages to bring to Georgia old Baxter, whom his mother was taking care in the States, he wants his mother to take care of him in Georgia. Sopho refuses to look after Baxter and makes her family members care for him in order to punish the idlers Chito and Toko. Baxter intends to propose to Sopho, but since she was supporting the idlers, he concludes that she is like them. In the final scene the characters are close to the Celestial Court.

Their roles change - Sopho and Baxter care for Chito and Toko who are confined to invalid chairs. Baxter names Sopho as "My redbreast". Sopho — Chito's first wife, age 42 Chito — The speculator, Valiko Chitorelidze, age 44 Shoka — Chito's second wife, age 42 Toko — Chito's son, age 27 Baxter O'Sullivan — age 69 Alice O'Sullivan — daughter of Baxter O'Sullivan, age 35 July 12, 2013 — Municipal Theatre of Bolnisi, Director Zurab Khvedelidze June 5, 2014 — Marjanishvili State Academic Drama Theatre, Director Khatuna Milorava February 26, 2016 — Vaso Godziashvili Municipal Theatre of Velistsikhe, Director Omar Kakabadze May 17, 2016 — Khulo State Drama Theatre, Director Gega Kurtsikidze October 2, 2015 — Glosa Publishing, Total Pages: 84. ISBN 9789941944628 December 15, 2016 -'Mana Sarkanrīklīte', Vītola publishing, Translated from Georgian into Latvian by Nino Jakobidze Notes 9 Plays VS Violence

London Chargers

London Chargers R. L. F. C. are a rugby league side based in South West London who compete in the Southern Conference League, a tier 4 competition. They were known as the South West London Chargers up until November 2015, they were formed in 2013 as a merger between West London Sharks and South London Storm and competed in the London Premier South West London Chargers were formed on 17 January 2013 from the merger of South London Storm and West London Sharks. The newly merged side was based in Clapham Common; the club entered a team in the London Premier men’s competition and a second men’s team in the London Entry League. The club ran a women’s team in the South East England competition. Chargers went on to win the London Premier and the Harry Jepson three years in a row - 2013 - 15. In December 2015, the club announced a rebrand to'London Chargers' and competed in the Conference League South, the highest level of amateur rugby league in the south of Britain, their A team moved up to the London Premier competition to replace the first team.

Chargers won the CLS in 2016, but after the season the CLS folded and Chargers had to go back to the London Premier. In 2017 they lost to Hammersmith Hills Hoists. In 2018 Chargers drew local long term rivals Hammersmith in the 1st round of the Challenge Cup and avenged the Grand Final defeat winning 18-0, but in the London Premier season, Chargers once again came up just short against Hammersmith losing in the Grand Final. In 2019 Chargers made the Grand Final of the newly formed Southern Conference League, once again against Hammersmith Hills Hoists, they won away 16-34 against the Hoists in the season. But when it came to the Grand Final, Chargers went down 16-10; the rivalry continues... In 2020 Chargers will have two men's teams, one in the Southern Conference League and one in London Premier. Chargers has run two men's teams since inception in 2013. Adam Tran Cameron Paul Craig Monteiro Damian Mohan Donny Lam John Paul Byrnes Mark Barnes Mark Clune Nathan Brown Rob McLean Ryan Massingham Head Coach: Todd Peut Team Manager: Deon Stephenson Chairman: Craig Monteiro Secretary: Todd Peut Treasurer: Deon Stephenson 2013 - 2017: Cam Paul 2018 - present: Craig Monteiro 2013 - 2014: Mark Barnes 2015: Richard Knight and Kane Stannard 2016 - 2017: Mark Barnes 2018 - present: Todd Peut 2013: Craig Monteiro and Mark Clune 2014: Mark Clune 2015: Paul Handley 2016: Paul Handley 2017: Joe Briggs 2018: Mike Butcher 2019: Mike Chivers Conference League South: 2016 South Premier Champions: 2013, 2014, 2015 London and South East Cup: 2013 Harry Jepson Trophy: 2013, 2014, 2015 South Premier Minor Premiers: 2014, 2015 Brighton 9's: 2014, 2015 Challenge Cup: 2014 - Round 2, 2015 - Round 1, 2016 - Round 1, 2017 - Round 2, 2018 - Round 2, 2019 - London and South East Entry League Minor Premiers: 2013 London Rugby League "Club of the Year": 2014 2014 Round 1: Torfaen Tigers 12-6 W 2014 Round 2: Milford Marlins 6-24 L 2015 Round 1: Widnes West Bank 14-10 L 2016 Round 1: Shaw Cross Sharks 14-22 L 2017 Round 1: Bridgend Blue Bulls 116-0 W 2017 Round 2: Fryston Warriors 12-40 L 2018 Round 1: Hammersmith Hills Hoists 18-0 W 2018 Round 2: Army 24-16 L 2019 Round 1: Wath Brow Hornets 6-34 L 2020 Round 1: Rochdale Mayfield 32-12 L Official website