Royal Bodyguard of Bhutan

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Royal Bodyguard of Bhutan
Flag of Royal Bodyguard of Bhutan.svg
Flag of Royal Bodyguard of Bhutan
TypeRoyal bodyguard
Part of Royal Bhutan Army

The Royal Bodyguard (RBG) of Bhutan is a part of the Royal Bhutan Army[1][2] but independent as it is under the personal command of the King of Bhutan and is in charge of the security of the King of Bhutan (currently Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck) and other members of the Royal Family. The strength of the force is more than one thousand soldiers, and it is the most elite unit of the armed forces of the Kingdom of Bhutan. The commandant is Major General Dhendup Tshering (one of the most senior military officers, having served in the army for more than 36 years).

The soldiers are well trained and well equipped with the latest armaments and training in all fields such as counter-terrorism, etc. The Royal Bodyguard of Bhutan proved themselves during brief conflict with northeastern extremist groups camped in Bhutan and under the personal command of the then fourth king of Bhutan, as the guards had no casualties and spearheaded most of the attacks.


The RBG has come under fire for conducting arbitrary detention and torture against those who speak out against what Bhutan is doing to the Lhotshampa.[3][4]


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