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Coordinates: 59°19′34″N 18°04′22″E / 59.32619°N 18.0729°E / 59.32619; 18.0729

Kungliga Myntkabinettet

The Royal Coin Cabinet (Swedish: Kungliga Myntkabinettet) is a museum located on Slottsbacken, Gamla stan, in central Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to the history of money and economic history in general.


The Coin Cabinet is an institution with a national responsibility for the conservation and the historical studies of coins, medals, and finance in general. Through expositions, the institution offers insights in the economical history of the world; by lending objects from its collection to researchers and expositions all over the world, it helps develop the knowledge within its scope; and by maintaining a national register of coin hoards, it is of great importance to scholars in Sweden.[1] Over the portal is a piece of art by Elisabeth Ekstrand from 1996 called Vattenporfyrlek ("Water Porphyry Game") made of porphyry and marble; the museum includes exhibitions of coins, banknotes (the first in the world was issued in 1661 by Stockholms Banco), treasure hoards and piggy banks.

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