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The Royal School for the Blind in Liverpool, England, is the oldest specialist school of its kind in the UK, having been founded in 1791.[1] Only the Paris school is older, but the Royal School for the Blind is the oldest school in the world in continuous operation, and the first in the world founded by a blind person, Edward Rushton, who was also an anti-slavery campaigner,[2] it was also the first school in the world to offer education and training to blind adults as well as children.[3]

The 1932 extension was designed by the architects Anthony Minoprio and Hugh Spencely.[4]

In 2010, the School's headmaster, Joseph Byrne, was appointed OBE.[5]

In 2011, the school was cited as one of the reasons (along with local blind charity Bradbury Fields) for UK supermarket Sainsbury's choice to use a store in nearby Woolton for its trial of Braille signage.[6]

The Redwall series of books was first written for pupils at the School[7] when its author Brian Jacques worked there as a delivery driver.[8] From 2016, the History of Place project carried out archival research at the School,[9] uncovering and making public documents including diaries of some of those who attended the school,[10] uncovering architectural heritage of the school, which moved several times in Liverpool.[11] The Museum of Liverpool is holding an exhibition featuring the history of the school in 2018.[12]

Historical abuse allegations[edit]

In January 2017, various media outlets reported allegations of historical physical abuse against a deceased former headmistress, Margaret McLenan, who was in post in the 1950s;[13] in response, Susan George, president of the school, was reported to be saddened by the allegations.[13]


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