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Ruby (disambiguation)

A ruby is a red gemstone. Ruby may refer to: Ruby, Alaska Ruby, Arizona Ruby, Copiah County, Mississippi Ruby, Leflore County, Mississippi Ruby, Nebraska Ruby, South Carolina Ruby, United States Virgin Islands Ruby, Virginia Ruby, Okanogan County, Washington Ruby, Benton County, Washington Ruby, Wisconsin, a town Ruby, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community Ruby Beach, Washington Ruby Canyon, on the Colorado-Utah border Ruby Creek Ruby Falls, an underground waterfall within Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Ruby Mountain, a stratovolcano in British Columbia, Canada Ruby Mountains, a mountain range in Nevada Ruby Dome, the highest peak of the Ruby Mountains Ruby Ridge, site of a violent confrontation and siege Ruby Valley, Nevada Ruby Allen, EastEnders character played by Louisa Lytton Ruby Buckton and Away character played by Rebecca Breeds Ruby Crescent, an O-Parts Hunter character Ruby Dennis, the protagonist of the film Dear Mr. Wonderful Ruby Kurosawa, a fictional character from the media-mix project Love Live!

Sunshine!! Ruby Ramirez, a character from Rusty Rivets Ruby Rhod, a character in the film The Fifth Element Ruby Rose, the protagonist of the animated web-series RWBY Ruby Thewes, a character in the novel Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier and in the film Ruby Trollman, a Trollz character Ruby, one of the identical twins in the Jacqueline Wilson novel Double Act Ruby Ruby Ruby, a character from the ABC television series Once Upon a Time Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby, an According to Jim character Ruby, a promotional character created by ATI Technologies Ruby, a rabbit in the Max & Ruby book and television series Ruby, the protagonist of the radio drama Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe Ruby, the protagonist of the TV series Ruby Gloom Ruby, a fictional potato in the British animated series Small Potatoes Ruby, a supernatural horror Ruby, about Jack Ruby Pokémon Ruby, a video game Pokemon Omega Ruby, a video game Ruby, a British late night talk show Ruby, a Style Network program Ruby, an Arab dramatic series Ruby Gallagher, a character of the ABC Family TV series Ruby & The Rockits Ruby, a 1994 novel by V. C. Andrews Ruby, 2018 Ruby, 1976 Ruby, 2004 Ruby, 2005 "Ruby" 1960, from the 1952 film Ruby Gentry performed by Ray Charles in 1960 "Ruby", by Kaiser Chiefs, from the album Yours Truly, Angry Mob "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town", a 1969 song written by Mel Tillis "Ruby", a song by Kristin Hersh, from the album Sunny Border Blue "Ruby", a song by Queenadreena, from the album Djin "Ruby Baby", a song by Donald Fagen, from the album The Nightfly "Ruby", a song by Twenty One Pilots "Ruby", a song by Boyzone, from the album Brother "Ruby", a song by Camille, from the album Le Sac des Filles Ruby, an alternative group formed in 1994 Ruby & the Romantics, an American R&B group Ruby Records, a record label Ruby, an American rock band featuring Tom Fogerty Ruby and actress Ruby, a performer in the English hip pop quintet KING Ruby Frost, New Zealand singer Ruby Ruby Ruby, American pornographic actress Ruby Ruby Ruby, an early development name for Visual Basic Ruby MRI, the C reference implementation of the Ruby language HMS Ruby, several vessels of the Royal Navy PS Ruby, several paddle steamers USS Ruby, a converted yacht in service with the US Navy Ruby, several merchant ships Ruby, small-print pronunciation guide for logographic writing Ruby, an inter-war French manufacturer of light cars and proprietary engines Ruby, the British English form of agate-size type Ruby Ruby Ruby Grapefruit Ruby Project Ruby, a joint Anglo-American program to test a range of bunker-buster bombs Brazilian ruby, Clytolaema rubricauda, a species of hummingbird Little Ruby, a common name of Alternanthera dentata in the amaranth family Ruby Leaf, a common name of Alternanthera brasiliana Ruby City, several US ghost towns Rubygate, a sex scandal involving Silvio Berlusconi Ruby pistol Rubi Rubin Rubis, a rocket system

Corporate Crush

"Corporate Crush" is the nineteenth episode of the first season of the American television series 30 Rock. It was directed by Don Scardino; the episode aired on the National Broadcasting Company in the United States on April 12, 2007. Guest stars in this episode include Kevin Brown, Grizz Chapman, John Lutz, Emily Mortimer, Maulik Pancholy, Jason Sudeikis, Rip Torn and Akira Yamaguchi. In this episode, Liz Lemon, now in a happy relationship with Floyd DeBarber, becomes annoyed when Jack Donaghy becomes obsessed with Floyd. Jack begins a relationship with Phoebe, after being demoted. Meanwhile, Tracy Jordan pitches Jefferson, to General Electric CEO Don Geiss. "Corporate Crush" received positive reviews from television critics, with Robert Canning of IGN describing it as "solid". According to the Nielsen ratings system, the episode was watched by 5.1 million households during its original broadcast. Griffin Richardson, the episode's sound mixer, received a Creative Arts Emmy Award nomination in the category for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series and Animation.

Liz has become happy since dating Floyd, their relationship together is going strong. Don Geiss, the CEO of General Electric, speaks to Jack about his career, points out that Jack is the only executive at his level to be unmarried. Geiss takes away Jack's role as the head of the Microwave Oven division, which makes Jack become depressed. Liz decides that she wants Jack to meet Floyd at dinner, although Jack becomes obsessed with Floyd and becomes a third wheel in Liz and Floyd's relationship. Liz bothered by Jack's obsession, tells Jack to leave Floyd alone. Jack agrees, he tells Liz that he has begun a relationship with Phoebe, a Christie's auction house art dealer who has Avian Bone Syndrome and on their third meeting still greets Liz with "Hi, I'm Phoebe, I don't know if you remember me..." Jack asks Liz's approval in his relationship with Phoebe, when Liz grants it, he proposes to Phoebe. Meanwhile, Tracy tries to get Don Geiss to finance his film, based on Thomas Jefferson's life. However, Geiss is not interested in Tracy's $35 million project after Tracy uses NBC page Kenneth Parcell, Grizz Griswold and "Dot Com" Slattery to put together a trailer for the film.

After failing to convince Geiss, who would rather see him do a sequel to one of Tracy's previous films, Fat Bitch, Tracy decides that he will make Jefferson on his own. "Corporate Crush" was directed by Don Scardino. This was Riggi's third writing credit, having written the episodes "Blind Date" and "The Head and the Hair", was Scardino's fifth directed episode. "Corporate Crush" aired on NBC in the United States on April 12, 2007 as the nineteenth episode of the show's first season and overall of the series. Comedian actor Jason Sudeikis, who played Floyd DeBarber in this episode, has appeared in the main cast of Saturday Night Live, a weekly sketch comedy series which airs on NBC in the United States. Series creator, executive producer and lead actress Tina Fey was the head writer on SNL from 1999 until 2006; this episode was Sudeikis' fifth appearance on 30 Rock. This was actress Emily Mortimer's first appearance as the character Phoebe, she would guest star in the episodes "Cleveland" and "Hiatus", the latter being her final guest spot.

In regards to her appearance on the show, Mortimer told The Philadelphia Inquirer, "It was amazing doing telly. I'd never done a sitcom before and it was so fast. You're given dialogue as you're walking onto the set and it's kind of hairy. There are 10 people standing around watching the monitor and if they don't laugh – instead of having another chance to do it – someone writes another line." Actor Rip Torn made his second appearance as GE CEO Don Geiss in "Corporate Crush". Torn appeared in the February 15, 2007, episode "The C Word". In its original American broadcast, "Corporate Crush" was watched by an average of 5.1 million households, according to the Nielsen ratings system. This was a decrease from the previous episode, "Fireworks", watched by 5.4 million American viewers. "Corporate Crush" achieved a 2.6/7 in the key 18- to 49-year-old demographic. The 2.6 refers to 2.6% of all people of ages 18–49 years old in the United States, the 7 refers to 7% of all people of ages 18–49 years old watching television at the time of the broadcast in the United States.

Since airing, the episode has received positive reviews. IGN contributor Robert Canning wrote that "Corporate Crush" was a "solid episode", that 30 Rock seemed "to have hit its storytelling stride", he added that "as we near the season finale, we're happy to see that 30 Rock has begun their drive towards a big finish." Canning rated this episode an 8 out of 10. TV Guide's Matt Webb Mitovich opined that "though the'My guy friend is dating my boyfriend' gag has been done to death on TV sitcoms, 30 Rock is to be forgiven if only because the same episode gave us a preview of, no, not The Real Wedding Crashers, but Jefferson, starring... Tracy Jordan." Julia Ward of TV Squad awarded this episode with 5 out of 7, said that Jenna Maroney's absence was upside to the episode, explaining, "I like Jane Krakowski, but I can't say that I've missed her". Regarding Jack and Liz's relationship in the episode, Ward thought it was an "uneasy mutual respect thing", which she thought let "Alec Baldwin exercise his thespian prowe

Raphael Silva

Raphael Silva da Arruda is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Saudi club Al-Faisaly as a defender. Born in Cuiabá, Silva started his senior career in 2010 with Rio Preto Esporte Clube, in Paulista A2. On 19 July 2013, he joined Série A club Associação Atlética Ponte Preta. On 25 July, he made his debut for the club in a 1–0 defeat against Nacional Futebol Clube in the Copa do Brasil. After struggling to get playing time, Silva was loaned out to Boa Esporte Clube on 1 April 2015. On 23 May, he scored his first goal for the club in a 1–1 draw against Paraná Clube. On 13 January 2016, he joined Criciúma Esporte Clube on a two-year contract. On 18 July 2017, he injured himself during a match against Boa Esporte Clube, returning to play three months in late October. On 8 January 2018, Silva switched to Goiás Esporte Clube. However, after being used, he terminated his contract with the club on 28 June. Two days he moved abroad and signed for Portuguese club Boavista on a three-year contract.

On 30 May 2019, Silva signed Saudi club Al-Faisaly FC on a one-year contract. Raphael Silva at ForaDeJogo Raphael Silva at Soccerway

Robert Boyle-Walsingham

The Hon. Robert Boyle-Walsingham was an Irish sailor and Member of Parliament. Born Robert Boyle, he was a younger son of Henry Boyle, 1st Earl of Shannon, by his wife Henrietta, daughter of Charles Boyle, 2nd Earl of Burlington, his great-grandfather Roger Boyle, 1st Earl of Orrery had married Lady Margaret, daughter of Theophilus Howard, 2nd Earl of Suffolk. Robert Boyle succeeded to the estate of the Walsinghams' daughter Elizabeth, Lady Osborne, adopted the name Walsingham. In 1759 he married daughter of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams, their children included Richard and Charlotte, who in 1806 claimed the Barony of de Ros, to which she was a co-heiress through her maternal grandmother. Boyle-Walsingham served in the Royal Navy, his last command was as Commodore commanding a squadron despatched to the West Indies. Flying his flag in HMS Thunderer, he died when she was wrecked in the Great Hurricane of 1780 off Jamaica. Besides his naval career, he sat in the Irish House of Commons for Dungarvan between 1758 and 1768, in the British House of Commons for Knaresborough between 1758 and 1760, Fowey from 1761 to 1768, Knaresborough again from 1768 to his death.

In 1760 his portrait was painted by Nathaniel Hone the Elder. In 1770 he became first Provincial Grand Master for Kent of the Premier Grand Lodge of England, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1778. Https:// ItemID=385

The Beards (Australian band)

The Beards were an Australian comedy folk rock band which formed in 2005 in Adelaide and disbanded in October 2016. The group played music themed around the virtues of having a beard, they had developed from a four-piece rock band, the Dairy Brothers, which were established in 2003. The Dairy Brothers were a four-piece rock band based in Adelaide, which formed in 2003, performed at local pubs and clubs; the band members were Tom Bettany on bass keytar and vocals, Michael Bidstrup on drums, Joshua Fielder on guitar and Joel McMillan on vocals and keyboard. The Dairy Brothers released a six-track extended play, Full Cream Ahead, followed with a second EP, Got Rock?. Andrew Crosbie of MediaSearch caught a performance in Melbourne in December 2006, "their sound, although not original, is a breath of fresh air into what can be a stale Australian rock scene, they combine the humorous lyrical stylings of Tenacious D with the driving piano of earlier Ben Folds and a guitar sound that shifts through pinnacle elements of rock from the past thirty years, giving a performance that will keep you in a well humoured and merry state of being."

Bettany, Fielder and McMillan formed the Beards in 2005 in Adelaide to play a one-off show. They rose in popularity and developed a cult following with the release of their first album, The Beards, in July 2007; the band played at the Adelaide venue of Big Day Out in 2008 and 2009. They were active in the Adelaide music scene but were unknown beyond their hometown. In 2009 they released a follow-up album, Beards Beards Beards, a music video for "If Your Dad Doesn't Have a Beard, You've Got Two Mums", which received positive acclamations and garnered increased interest online, as well as airtime on Australian Broadcasting Corporation music video program, rage; the Beards travelled to Alaska to perform at the opening ceremony of the World Beard & Moustache Championships. Upon returning to Adelaide, the band began to tour Australia for the first time; the Beards went on to tour Australia extensively, releasing their third album Having a Beard is the New Not Having a Beard and producing video clips for the tracks "Got Me a Beard", "Beard Accessory Store", "You Should Consider Having Sex With a Bearded Man", with the latter single coming 99th place in Triple J's Top 100 list of 2011.

In 2012, "You Should Consider Having Sex with a Bearded Man" was nominated for an APRA Award and the band's third album was nominated for an ARIA Award. In 2013 the band travelled to North America, playing multiple performances at SXSW and Canadian Music Week as well as performing showcase sets in LA, New York and Toronto, they returned to Australia. In May 2013, they embarked on the First World Tour, playing shows in Netherlands, Germany and the UK, where they appeared at the Bearded Theory Festival, before returning home for the Australian leg of the tour. In early 2014, The Beards travelled Europe on the Euro-Bout To Grow A Beard Tour with stops in Britain, The Netherlands and Germany. In Cologne a 90-minute show was recorded for Rockpalast. On 9 May 2014, The Beards released The Beard Album; this coincided with an Australian launch tour, which continued on to Europe in November and December. They stopped again in UK, The Netherlands and Germany with additional stops in France, Sweden and Switzerland.

The Beards released the music video of Strokin' My Beard in July 2015. It consists of footage of their last tour shot by fans in the audience. To celebrate their 10th anniversary as a band, The Beards released a 2-disk compilation/live album Ten Long Years, One Long Beard, featuring never before heard songs and versions, as well as a live concert recording. A new single called "Ten Long Years, One Long Beard" was released with an accompanying music video; the Beards' anniversary tour Ten Long Years, One Long Beard started in September 2015 with stops in Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK, before returning home to finish the tour in Australia. In 2016, the band members announced their decision to discontinue the band as a live touring act. A Farewell Tour commenced in February 2016, with the final date booked for 28 October at The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel in Adelaide. Bettany recalled, "After cutting our teeth on the local scene following high school and during uni we formed a band called The Dairy Brothers which landed us a Front Bar residency at The Gov.

At the time were so stoked to be playing at The Gov. The Dairy Brothers morphed into The Beards and that became our life for over a decade. Johann Beardraven – lead vocals, keytar, saxophone John Beardman, Jr. – drums Nathaniel Beard – bass guitar, backing vocals Facey McStubblington – guitar, electric guitar, backing vocals "You Should Consider Having Sex with a Bearded Man" "I'm in the Mood... For Beards" "All the Bearded Ladies" "I'm Growing A Beard Downstairs For Christmas" Live at The Beards Club recorded at The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, Adelaide The Final Show, filmed 28 October 2016 at The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, Adelaide. If Your Dad Doesn't Ha

Unplugged (Siti Nurhaliza album)

Unplugged is a live album by Malaysian recording artist Siti Nurhaliza. It was released in multiple formats, both physical and digital in Malaysia on 30 June 2015; the main live tracks were all taken from her 2015 unplugged concert at Istana Budaya on 7 April 2015. The CD, digital download and LP record versions of the album however come with three new bonus songs, "Menatap dalam Mimpi", "Engkau" and "Mikraj Cinta". All were recorded to accompany the three audio releases. On June 21, 2015, "Mikraj Cinta", one of its bonus tracks was released as an official debut single for the album. On 25 August 2015, another two of Unplugged bonus tracks were nominated for the 2015 Anugerah Planet Muzik. "Menatap dalam Mimpi" is nominated for the category of Best Artiste while "Engkau" is nominated for the Best Collaboration. On December 18, 2016, Unplugged received four awards from seven nominations from 22nd Anugerah Industri Muzik, including for Best Vocal Performance in a Song, Best Nasyid Song for "Mikraj Cinta", Best Musical Arrangement in a Song for "Menatap dalam Mimpi", Best Album.

In the creation process of this record, the main performances are all taken from her one night only 2015 unplugged concert on 7 April 2015. The planning and the execution of the whole live concert took Siti and her team less than three weeks. Although the whole process was done at the eleventh hour, the concert was a success. Held at Istana Budaya, all the tickets sold out days before the concert date and the concert was lauded by critics for Siti's vocal performances; the concert marked her 20th year in the Malaysian music industry since she won 1995 Bintang HMI at the age of 16. The inclusion of bonus tracks to accompany the audio releases of the album was done after the concert. One of the tracks, "Mikraj Cinta", a track written by Hafiz Hamidun and Ahmad Fedtri Yahya was first performed live during her performance for "Sirah Rasullulah" on 3, 4 and 7 January 2015 in conjunction with Prophet Muhammad's mawlid. Inspired from the event of Isra and Mi'raj, a violinist from West Asia was hired to provide an original Arabic sound.

The remaining two bonus tracks, "Engkau" and "Menatap dalam Mimpi" were produced by Aubrey Suwito with the lyrics of the two were provided by Ade Govinda and Rozi Sang Dewi respectively. According to Aubrey, he was inspired to produce the melody for "Menatap dalam Mimpi" upon seeing a poem, uploaded by Rozi on her Twitter account, he completed the whole song in only 20 minutes. Recorded at Aubrey's recording studio, according to Siti, "It possesses the musical elements that require me to diversify the usage of my vocal range, it would not be wrong for me to say, that it is like a musical song that we heard in films by Walt Disney."For the iTunes version of the album, two more additional bonus tracks are added, which are the acoustic version of "Menatap dalam Mimpi" and "Engkau". According to Rozi, Siti's personal manager, the two additional tracks are a "bonus to the bonus tracks"; the concert began with Siti performing "Membunuh Benci" while accompanied by Aubrey Suwito on piano, the musical director for the concert.

This was followed by the first medley of the unplugged concert, composed of the first two upbeat songs of the show, "Mahligai Asmara" and "Satu Cinta Dua Jiwa" where she started to dance while singing. She resumed her performance by performing the second medley of the concert composed of "Jawapan di Persimpangan", "Purnama Merindu" and "Diari Hatimu" and followed by another medley composed of "Aku Cinta Padamu" and "Biarlah Rahsia". For the next performance she invited Awi Rafael, the composer of "Mula dan Akhir," to accompany her on guitar while she sang the tune that he composed for her most recent album, Fragmen. Siti returned to upbeat songs in a medley of "Tanpa Kalian" and "Intrig Cinta" before she went to perform another medley of her ballads, "Usah Diragui", "Wajah Kekasih" and "Kau Kekasihku". Before the second half begins, the audience is entertained by the musicians and the background singers who performed "Seindah Biasa". In the second half of the concert, Siti invited Faizal Tahir to accompany her on guitar while she sang "Aku" and "Warna Dunia", the former of, composed by Faizal for Fragmen.

She invited Dato' Adnan Abu Hassan to accompany her on piano to the songs that were written and composed by him, "Jerat Percintaan" and "Gelora Asmara". She resumed her performance with another three medleys; the first one is a medley of cover songs, "Epilog Cinta dari Bromley" by Sohaimi Mior Hassan and "Suratan Atau Kebetulan" by Kenny and Martin, followed by a medley of her songs again, a medley of "Engkau Bagaikan Permata" and "Cahaya Seribu Liku". The final medley of the concert was a medley of three songs from Fragmen that were written by Indonesian songwriters and composers — "Sanubari", "Terbaik Bagimu" and "Kau Sangat Bererti", she finished the show by performing all the songs from Fragmen that were released as singles including "Jaga Dia Untukku", "Lebih Indah" and "Seluruh Cinta". Throughout the concert she intermittently shared some details from her 20 years' worth of life and singing experiences, from her first recording session to her experiences in recording her latest album, Fragmen.

Apart from the three guests artists, she invited two lucky fans to accompany her on the stage – first before the performance of "Aku Cinta Padamu" and another one before the performance of "Tanpa Kalian". The album was made available for download and stream on various platforms including iTunes, Spotify a