Rugby League Charity Shield (Great Britain)

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Charity Shield
SportRugby league
Inaugural season1985-86
Number of teams2
Country United Kingdom
HoldersWigan (1995-96)
Most titlesWigan (4 titles)
Related competitionRFL Championship
Challenge Cup

The Rugby League Charity Shield was a trophy for British rugby league clubs that was held as a one-off match at the beginning of a new season. It was modelled on English football's Charity Shield, and was held between 1985 and 1995. Normally the team that had won last season's championship would play the team that currently held the Challenge Cup. In years where the same team won both trophies the following season's Charity Shield was between them and the Premiership winners. In years where one team won all three competitions then the match would be between them and the second placed team in the championship.

The Charity Shield was held at a variety of venues; the Okells Bowl in Douglas on the Isle of Man was used initially with some regularity.


Year Winners Score Runner-up Venue
1985–86 Wigan 34 - 6 Hull Kingston Rovers1 Isle of Man
1986–87 Halifax1 9 - 8 Castleford Isle of Man
1987–88 Wigan1 44 - 12 Halifax Isle of Man
1988–89 Widnes1 20 - 14 Wigan Isle of Man
1989–90 Widnes1 27 - 22 Wigan Anfield, Liverpool
1990–91 Widnes2 24 - 8 Wigan1 Vetch Field, Swansea
1991–92 Wigan1 22 - 8 Hull2 Gateshead
1992–93 St. Helens3 17 - 0 Wigan1 Gateshead
1993–94 Not played
1994–95 Not played
1995–96 Wigan1 45 - 20 Leeds3 Royal Showground, Dublin


  1. Denotes that team were previous season's champions
  2. Denotes that team were previous season's Premiership winners
  3. Denotes that team were previous season's championship runners-up