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The Yorkshire League and the Lancashire League formed two sections of the Rugby Football League Championship for much of its history. Initially, the 22 clubs that broke away in 1895 played in one combined league; however, the following season saw the addition of many clubs, and the League was split into two separate county competitions.


This situation endured until 1901-02, when the top teams in each league resigned and formed a new combined first division. The following season, the remaining clubs formed a second division. From then until 1907, when there was another re-organisation, the county leagues were not played.

The new structure initiated for the 1907-8 season saw the clubs playing every other team in their own county home and away, and playing once each against the clubs from the other county. Results from all games counted towards the Rugby Football League Championship, whilst results within the county counted towards the respective county leagues.

The championship often included teams from outside the Yorkshire and Lancashire heartlands; these were allocated to a county league on a practical basis. Briefly, in the 1908-09 season, there were enough clubs from Wales to add a third Welsh League to the structure. The sole winner of this title was Merthyr Tydfil.

The Yorkshire and Lancashire Leagues were abandoned in 1970.

Lancashire League[edit]

The Lancashire League was founded in 1895 for the clubs based in Lancashire to compete in. Eventually the league was expanded to Cheshire and Cumbria. Wigan Warriors won the most titles (18) until the league was abandoned in 1970.

Yorkshire League[edit]

The Yorkshire League was founded in 1895 for teams in Yorkshire to compete in. Leeds Rhinos and Huddersfield Giants dominated the league before it was abandoned in 1970.

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