Rugby union in Denmark

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Rugby union in Denmark
Country Denmark
Governing body Danish Rugby Union
National team(s) Denmark
First played 1931
Registered players 3,000
Clubs 30+
National competitions

Rugby union is a minor, but growing, sport in Denmark.

The Danish Rugby Union dates back to 1950, and joined the IRB in 1988.[1][2][3] They joined the Scandinavian Rugby Union in 1974.[2]


Denmark is normally considered the second nation in Nordic rugby, after Sweden.[1] Until 1980, they had never beaten Sweden, but since then, the silverware has been shared fairly equal, and in 1995 beat the touring side of Welsh Districts.[1]

Rugby has been played in Denmark since 1931.[2][3]

Levels of development in Denmark in the 1970s, were extremely uneven. For example, in 1973, when Comet met Lyndo in a match in Copenhagen, the scoreline was 194-0.[4]

The Danes have a fairly robust amateur struction, which comprises over thirty clubs, and 3,000 registered players.

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