Ruger LC9

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Ruger LC9
Ruger LC9 – standard
Type Pistol
Place of origin United States
Production history
Manufacturer Ruger
Weight 17.1 oz (480 g)
Length 6.00 in (152 mm)
Barrel length 3.12 in (79 mm)
Width 0.9 in (23 mm)
Height 4.5 in (110 mm)

Cartridge 9×19mm
Action Short recoil
Feed system 7- and 9-round box magazines
Sights Adjustable

The Ruger LC9 (standing for "Lightweight Compact 9mm")[1] is a 9mm caliber, recoil-operated, locked breech, double action only, semi-automatic pistol announced by Sturm, Ruger & Co. at the 2011 SHOT Show. This pistol has safety features, including a loaded chamber indicator and magazine disconnect safety, that allow it to be sold in California and Massachusetts.


The LC9 has a 3.12-inch (79 mm) barrel, and is 6 inches (152 mm) long and 4.5 inches (114 mm) tall. The LC9 is 0.9 inches (23 mm) wide, and weighs 17.1 ounces (485 g) with an empty magazine. It features a black polymer (glass-filled nylon) frame and blued alloy steel slide and barrel, the gun ships with one magazine, including two interchangeable base pads—one that fits flush with the frame, and the other (fitted to the magazine from the factory) that provides a grip extension of about 0.5 inches (13 mm).[1] The Ruger LC9 was chosen as the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence's Handgun of the Year in 2011.

In 2013, Ruger released a 9-round extended magazine for the LC9.[2]


The LC380 is a .380 ACP caliber pistol that has the more advanced design elements of the LC9 compared to the more basic design of the Ruger LCP. Its frame is exactly the same as the original Ruger LC9.


LC9s (pro model with no magazine disconnect or manual safety)

The LC9s is a striker-fired single action only version of the LC9 announced July 29th 2014, the LC9s fixed the most common customer complaint about the LC9, the trigger pull and removes the loaded chamber indicator located on the top of the LC9 behind the ejection port in favor of a visual inspection port.

Redesigned striker fired lc9. Note center-trigger safety


The EC9s (the E standing for Essential) is a lower cost version of the LC9s with fixed sights, fewer and wider cocking serrations and a black oxide finish, the EC9s is otherwise identical to the LC9s accepting the same magazines and all external accessories as the LC9s.

Ruger is expected to release a .380 ACP (9×17mm) model of the EC9s to replace the LC380 which was not updated with a striker fired "s" version.


Please note that this list is incomplete.

Model# Name Slide/Frame & Description Distributor Exclusive Announced MSRP
3200 LC9 Blued/Black. - 2011/1/3
3217 LC9 Fiber Optic Blued/Black with Fiber optic sights.
3220 LC9 Raspberry Blued/Raspberry.
3205 LC9 Pink Blued/Pink.
3221 LC9 Lady Lilac Blued/Lady Lilac. Talo
3210 LC9 Carbon Fiber Blued/Carbon Fiber (pattern). Sports South
3207 LC9 Gold Silver engraved with gold ruger emblem/Black. 1500 made. Talo
3208 LC9 Silver Silver engraved with ruger emblem/Black. 1500 made. Talo
3209 LC9 NRA Blued with NRA & logo on sides/Natural Gear camo.
3214 LC9 NRA Blued with NRA & logo on sides/Natural Gear camo.
3206 LC9 LaserMax Laser Blued/Black with LaserMax laser.
3211 LC9 Crimson Trace Laser Blued/Black with Crimson Trace laser.
3226 LC9 Veridian Laser Blued/Black with Veridian R5 laser.
3227 LC9 Veridian Light Blued/Black with Veridian light.
3229 LC9 FDE Blued/FDE.
3219 LC380 Blued/Black. - 2013/1/14 $479.00
3253 LC380 CA Approved Blued/Black with unchanged design to still match approved model. - 2015/5/29 $539.00
3224 LC380 Raspberry Blued/Raspberry.
3223 LC380 Pink Blued/Pink. Bill Hicks
3225 LC380 Purple Blued/Purple. Talo
3228 LC380 Veridian Laser Blued/Black with Veridian R5 laser.
3230 LC380 Crimson Trace Laser Blued/Black with Crimson Trace laser.
3231 LC380 LaserMax Laser Blued/Black with LaserMax laser.
3235 LC9s Blued/Black with manual safety & magazine disconnect. - 2014/7/29 $479.00
3248 LC9s Pro Blued/Black with no manual safety or magazine disconnect. - $479.00
3273 LC9s Stainless Brushed stainless steel slide/Black. -
3270 LC9s HiViz Blued/Black with Hi-Viz fiber optic sights. - $499.00
3271 LC9s Pro HiViz Blued/Black with Hi-Viz fiber optic sights (green front, red rear. Davidsons $499.00
3264 LC9s Pro Shimmer Gold Shimmer Gold Cerakote/Black.
3272 LC9s-TTP Blued/Black with TRUGLO Tritium Pro night sights. Talo 2017/5/17
3233 LC9s Crimson Trace Laser
3234 LC9s Crimson Trace Light
3279 LC9s LaserMax Blued/Black with LaserMax GripSense Laser/Light. -
3250 LC9s Pro Crimson Laser Blued/Black with integral Crimson Trace XT Red Laser (LG-413). Frame is customized to fit. Talo $579.00
3251 LC9s Pro Crimson Light Blued/Black with integral Crimson Trace XT Tactical Light (LG-414). Frame is customized to fit. Talo
3255 LC9s Kryptek Neptune Blued/Kryptek Neptune Camo. Gallery of Guns
3256 LC9s Kryptek Pontus Blued/Kryptek Pontus Camo. Gallery of Guns
3266 LC9s Red Digital Blued/Red Digital Camo. Davidsons
3238 LC9s Stainless Engraved Stainless engraved/Gray. Gallery of Guns
3260 LC9s Blued Engraved Blued Engraved/Black. Talo 2015/12 $499
3261 LC9s Nickle Engraved Nickle Plated engraved/Black. Talo 2015/12 $499
3249 LC9s Raspberry Blued/Raspberry
3259 LC9s Marsala Blued/Marsala. Bill Hicks
3242 LC9s Purple Blued/Purple. Talo $479.00
3243 LC9s Muddy Girl Blued/Muddy Girl Camo. Gallery of Guns
3246 LC9s FDE Blued Blued/FDE. Bangers
3258 LC9s FDE Sage Cerakote/FDE. Talo, Bangers? $499.00
3274 LC9s Patriate Brown Patriate Brown/Desert Earth with SnapSafe lockbox. Academy Exclusive $379.99
3252 LC9s Savage Silver Savage Silver Cerakote/Savage Silver Cerakote. Sports South
3262 LC9s Blue Turquoise Blued/Turquoise Cerakote. Talo $479.00
3263 LC9s Nickle Turquoise Nickle/Turquoise Cerakote. Talo 2016/11 $499.00
3265 LC9s Blue Titanium Blued/Blue Titanium.
3269 LC9s Contractor Yellow Blued/Contractor Yellow Cerakote. Talo
3283 EC9s Anodized Black/Black with integral sights. - 2017/12 $299.00

Official Accessories[edit]

Please note that this list is incomplete.

MPN UPC Name Description MSRP
90363 736676903634 LC9 7rd Magazine Includes flat & finger rest floor plates. $39.95
90404 736676904044 LC9 9rd Magazine Extended magazine. $44.95
90642 736676906420 LC9 7rd Magazine 2 Pack Includes flat & finger rest floor plates. $55.95
90364 736676903641 LC9 Finger Rest Floor Plate $7.95
90416 736676904167 LC380 7rd Magazine Includes flat & finger rest floor plates. $39.95
90499 736676904990 LC380 to LC9 Conversion Kit Includes barrel, Full slide assembly & 7rd Magazine. $299.00


Starting serial numbers with approximate ship dates. Note that Ruger serial numbers are not always sequential, blocks of serial numbers may be reserved or shared between model families & production may temporarily stop while stock is high enough. Please note that this list is incomplete.

Year LC9 LC380 LC9s LC9s Pro EC9s
2010 320-00000 - - - -
2011 320-09186 - - - -
2012 321-54694 322-79000 - - -
2013 323-21430 323-21430* - - -
2014 325-21858 325-21858 327-00000 327-00000 -
2015 326-46207 326-46105 327-78015 327-77615 -
2016 -
2017 - 453-80000

* LC380 and LC9 serialized together starting in 2013.


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