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Rurik dynasty[edit]

Romanov dynasty[edit]

Descent of Romanov dynasty from Rurik dynasty[edit]

The descent of Michael I from the Rurik dynasty was via the princely Shuysky family as follows:[1]

1 Prince Dmitry of Suzdal, Grand Prince of Vladimir, died 1383
2 Prince Simeon of Suzdal, died 1402, brother of Eudoxia of Moscow
3 Prince Vasily of Shuya, mentioned 1414
4 Prince Ivan Shuysky, died after 1478
5 Prince Ivan Shuysky, mentioned 1493
6 Prince Boris Gorbaty-Shuysky, died 1547
7 Prince Alexander Gorbaty-Shuysky, died 1566
8 Princess Eudoxia Alexandrovna Gorbataya-Shuyskaya, died 1581
9 Patriarch Philaret of Moscow
10 Michael I of Russia

Also later Romanovs married to descendants of the Rurik dynasty, for example as follows:

1 Mstislav I of Kiev
2 Euphrosyne of Kiev
3 Béla III of Hungary
4 Andrew II of Hungary
5 Violant of Hungary
6 Isabella of Aragon, Queen of France
7 Philip IV of France
8 Isabella of France
9 Edward III of England
10 Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence
11 Philippa Plantagenet, 5th Countess of Ulster
12 Roger de Mortimer, 4th Earl of March
13 Anne de Mortimer
14 Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York
15 Edward IV of England
16 Elizabeth of York
17 Margaret Tudor
18 James V of Scotland
19 Mary, Queen of Scots
20 James VI of Scotland and I of England
21 Elizabeth of Bohemia
22 Sophia of Hanover
23 George I of Great Britain
24 Sophia Dorothea of Hanover
25 Princess Sophia Dorothea of Prussia
26 Margravine Friederike of Brandenburg-Schwedt
27 Maria Feodorovna (Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg)
28 Alexander I of Russia and Nicholas I of Russia


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