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The Art of War (comics)

The Art of War is a graphic novel written and storyboarded by Kelly Roman with art by Michael DeWeese. The book was published as a paperback original by Harper Perennial on July 31, 2012; the graphic novel adapts Sun Tzu's original The Art of War into a science fiction story that follows an ex-soldier who works in a militarized financial world dominated by the Chinese government. Author Kelly Roman was inspired to adapt The Art of War after "he sensed a growing national anxiety about China's hegemonic rise, I wanted to transform the ancient text into something that explored this anxiety." He references the formation of China's first sovereign foreign wealth fund, the China Investment Corporation, in 2007 and the fund's subsequent $3 billion investment in the American private equity firm Blackstone as key events in The Art of War's genesis. The protagonist, Kelly Roman, served time in military prison for accidentally maiming the woman in his battalion that he was in love with. After being freed, Roman discovers his hometown in shambles and learns from his father that his brother Shane died while working for a company called Trench.

Kelly travels to New York City to investigate and gets a job at Trench working for Shane's old boss, the brilliant and ruthless Sun Tzu, who manages China's investments around the world. The United States invests all that remains of Medicare and Social Security with Trench in a last-ditch effort to avoid bankruptcy, Sun Tzu uses Roman to help compete with a company called Vespoid that manages the investments of India and the Vatican Bank. A battle over a valuable and dangerous new technology ensues: a start up company called Controlled Black Hole Technologies has pioneered the use of industrial black holes. Vespoid and Trench augment their armed investment bankers with myriad forms of drone technology and biotechnology to acquire the coveted black hole tech. All the while, Roman keeps an illustrated diary. Roman rises through the ranks of Trench and wins the opportunity to avenge his brother, redeem himself for disfiguring the woman he loves, save the United States from bankruptcy—but at tremendous personal cost.

In May 2011, Kelly Roman and Michael Deweese staged a publicity stunt in New York's Chinatown during which they had their blood extracted in public and stamped on the covers of chapter samples which they handed out for free to comic book fans. Beginning on July 31, 2012, White Box, an art gallery in New York City, launched a week-long exhibition of all the original artwork for The Art of War—over 230 pieces; the event was sponsored by Societe Perrier. Women's Wear Daily reported on vandalism. White Box Artistic Director Juan Puntes told WWD that he had not seen similar violence after an opening since the 1970s and attributed it to the politically charged nature of the graphic novel and its images. Reviews of The Art of War have been positive. Critics praised it for its strong characters, visual intensity and experimentation, social commentary on the modern financial industry and China-US relations, while others criticized it for being too dark and violent. Prominent reviewers drew comparisons to William Gibson and Jean-Luc Godard.

The San Francisco Chronicle described the book as "a melodrama of chiaroscuro, with red surging onto Michael DeWeese's virtuosic twist on the heavy metal palette when blood is shed... the novel has the feel of a ballet or an opera."The Austin Chronicle urged readers to "imagine the sort of thing William Gibson, on steroids, might write if he'd been bitten by a radioactive E. O. Wilson". Kirkus Reviews called it "an epic dystopian story of brotherly love and corporate greed". Comic Book Resources wrote "The Art of War is recommended." Official website

Stewart SF3

The Stewart SF3 was the Formula One car the Stewart Grand Prix team used to compete in the 1999 Formula One season. It was driven by Rubens Barrichello, in his third season with the team, Johnny Herbert, who joined from Sauber. After two disappointing seasons, 1999 saw a dramatic improval of fortune for Stewart, culminating in Herbert and Barrichello finishing first and third at the Nürburgring; the Brazilian had a impressive season, taking two further podiums and the team's first pole position and was rewarded with a Ferrari drive in 2000, in a straight swap with Eddie Irvine. During the course of the season, Ford announced the complete purchase of Stewart, their intention to rebadge it as Jaguar Racing from 2000 onwards. AUTOCOURSE 1999-2000, Alan, Hazleton Publishing Ltd. ISBN 1-874557-34-9 Media related to Stewart SF3 at Wikimedia Commons

Haines Township, Marion County, Illinois

Haines Township is located in Marion County, Illinois. As of the 2010 census, its population was 1,002 and it contained 422 housing units. Haines Township is centered at 38°31'N 88°52'W. According to the 2010 census, the township has a total area of 36.1 square miles, of which 36.06 square miles is land and 0.03 square miles is water. Stevenson Township Iuka Township Romine Township Farrington Township, Jefferson County Field Township, Jefferson County Rome Township, Jefferson County Raccoon Township Salem Township Illinois State Archives

1997 All-Big 12 Conference football team

The 1997 All-Big 12 Conference football team consists of American football players chosen as All-Big 12 Conference players for the 1997 NCAA Division I-A football season. The conference recognizes two official All-Big 12 selectors: the Big 12 conference coaches selected separate offensive and defensive units and named first-, second- and third-team players. Corby Jones, Missouri Michael Bishop, Kansas State Scott Frost, Nebraska Ahman Green, Nebraska Ricky Williams, Texas De'Mond Parker, Oklahoma Brock Olivo, Missouri Darren Davis, Iowa State Dante Hall, Texas A&M Todd Weiner, Kansas State Mike Morris, Missouri Aaron Taylor, Nebraska Eric Anderson, Nebraska Kendyl Jacox, Kansas State Steve McKinney, Texas A&M Travis Biebel, Missouri Josh Henson, Oklahoma State Jay Pugh, Texas Tech Melvin Thomas, Colorado Alonzo Mayes, Oklahoma State Stephen Alexander, Oklahoma Derrick Spiller, Texas A&M Tyrone Watley, Iowa State Phil Savoy, Colorado Donnie Hart, Texas Tech Ed Williams, Iowa State Grant Wistrom, Nebraska Montae Reagor, Texas Tech Jason Peter, Nebraska Darren Howard, Kansas State Ryan Olson, Colorado Martin Chase, Oklahoma Jamal Williams, Oklahoma State Marquis Gibson, Missouri Jerome Evans, Kansas State Kelly Gregg, Oklahoma Cody McGuire, Texas Tech Ron Warner, Kansas Jeff Kelly, Kansas State Dat Nguyen, Texas A&M Mark Simoneau Kansas State Travis Ochs, Kansas State Warrick Holdman, Texas A&M Jay Foreman, Nebraska Hannibal Navies, Colorado Kenyatta Wright, Oklahoma State Ralph Brown, Nebraska Kevin Williams, Oklahoma State R. W. McQuarters, Oklahoma Stale Hyan Sutter, Colorado Tony Blevins, Kansas Dane Johnson, Texas Tech Harold Piersey, Missouri Tony Darden, Texas Tech Lamar Chapman, Kansas State Mike Brown, Nebraska Martín Gramática, Kansas State Phil Dawson, Texas Kyle Bryant, Texas A&M Shane Lechler, Texas A&M Jason Davis, Oklahoma State Dean Royal, Kansas Ben Kelly, Colorado R. W. McQuarters, Oklahoma State Dante Hall, Texas A&M David Allen, Kansas State Bold = selected as a first-team player by both the coaches and media panel Coaches = selected by Big 12 Conference coachesMedia = selected by a media panel 1997 College Football All-America Team

Jeffrey Jon Shaw

Jeffrey Jon Shaw OBE, FLS, FASTMH is a British parasitologist who began working in Latin America in 1962. Although retired, he is presently Senior Professor at São Paulo University's Biomedical Sciences Institute where he continues his research in its Parasitology Department. During World War II he was evacuated and spent his early childhood in the village of Rothley, Leicestershire whose surrounding countryside became his playground and fostered his love of nature; when the war ended, he returned to Kent. Since 1965 he has worked in Brazil. Amongst his hobbies are a love of classical music and sailing He continues to sail and participate in championships. There is a yearly Snipe class trophy in his name at the Brasília Yacht club, he gained a BSc in Zoology in 1960 at London University's Queen Mary College of London and a PhD in 1964 at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine under the guidance of Percy Cyril Garnham and Cecil Hoare. The field work for his doctoral thesis on the life cycle of Endotrypaum was performed in Central America in 1962 with Wellcome Trust support.

He contracted. In the early 1960s, he and his colleague Alister Voller pioneered the use of indirect immunofluorescent techniques for the diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis and Chagas Disease. In 1977 he was awarded a DSc at the London School of Tropical Medicine. In 1965 he and Ralph Lainson moved to Belém, Brazil where they founded the Wellcome Parasitology Unit. In 1994 he became a tenured senior professor at the University of São Paulo and has continued there until the present time, his research focuses on different aspects of neglected tropical diseases, in particular the leishmaniases and Chagas disease. Within these areas he has worked on their taxonomy and epidemiology. Presently his research is focused on the application of molecular methods to these areas. 1973 awarded the Oswaldo Cruz Medal of Pará State's Cultural Council 1978 awarded the Chalmers Medal of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 1999 invested Officer of the British Empire 2012 elected Honorary Member of the Brazilian Society of Parasitology 2013 laboratory Prof Dr Jeffrey Jon Shaw named in his honor by the Parasitology Department of the University of São Paulo.

2013 honored for his contributions to the field of leishmaniasis by the organizing committee of the 5th WorldLeish 2014 awarded the Professor Samuel Barnsley Pessôa Award of the Brazilian Society of Protozoology 2014 elected Honorary Member of the Brazilian Society of Protozoology 2016 honored for outstanding contribution to Leishmaniasis CHAGASLEISH meeting 2016 elected as a Fellow of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences 2017 elected Honorary International Fellow of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 2018 awarded the Carlos Chagas Scientific Merit Medal of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine Shaw, Jeffrey Jon. The Haemoflagellates of Sloths. H. K. Lewis: London. Shaw, Jeffrey Jon; the hemoflagellates of sloths vermilinguas, armadillos. In: Montgomery, G. G; the evolution and ecology of armadillos and vermilinguas. Washington: Smithsonian Instituition Press, p. 279-292. Lainson, Ralph & Shaw, Jeffrey Jon Evolution and geographical distribution. In: Peters, W. and Killick-Kendrick, R.

The leishmaniases in biology and medicine, v. 1 - Biology and epidemiology. Academic Press: London, p. 1-120. Shaw, Jeffrey Jon. New World Leishmaniasis: The Ecology of Leishmaniasis and the Diversity of Leishmanial Species in Central and South America. In: Farrell, J. P. Leishmania. Boston: Springer. Shaw, Jeffrey Jon. An appraisal of the taxonomy and nomenclature of trypanosomatids presently classified as Leishmania and Endotrypanum. In: Farrell, J. P. Leishmania. Boston: Springer. Shaw, Jeffrey Jon & Rangel, Elizabeth Ferreira Brazilian Sand Flies: Biology, Medical Importance and Control. Springer International: New York. 1.^ The Samuel Pessoa Award is the most prestigious award of the Brazilian Society of Protozoology and is awarded annually to a figure of great prominence in Protozoology. The Samuel Pessôa Prize is awarded during the Annual Meeting of the Society; the awardee automatically becomes an honorary member of the Brazilian Society of Protozoology. 2.^ The Carlos Chagas Scientific Merit Medal is the highest award of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine, awarded annually since 2014 to a person who has had an exceptional scientific production in the area of Tropical Medicine while working in Brazil, who has played an important role in the training of human resources in Tropical Medicine and whose work has resulted in notable benefits to the academic community and the general population.

RSTMH List of past medal holders Fellows of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine