Rushen (sheading)

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Sheading of Rushen

Rushen (Manx: Rosien) is a sheading in the Isle of Man.

The sheading comprises the southernmost portion of the island. It includes the historical parishes of (from west to east):

the village of Ballasalla; Rushen Abbey; the Silver Burn (Manx: Awin Rosien, i.e the River Rushen); Ronaldsway airport; and the South Barrule.

Since 2016, when it was reduced from a three-member seat to a two-member seat, the House of Keys constituency of Rushen covers the historical parish of Rushen (as above) with some minor departures from the historical parish boundary.



Coordinates: 54°07′01″N 4°40′44″W / 54.11694°N 4.67889°W / 54.11694; -4.67889