Rushen (sheading)

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Sheading of Rushen

Rushen (Manx: Rosien) is a sheading in the Isle of Man.

The sheading comprises the southernmost portion of the island, it includes the parishes of Rushen, Arbory and Malew. The only village of any size in the sheading is Ballasalla, the sheading also includes Ronaldsway airport and the South Barrule. The town of Castletown and the villages of Port Erin and Port St Mary are geographically in the sheading. The House of Keys constituency of Rushen covers the parishes of Rushen and Arbory.



Coordinates: 54°07′01″N 4°40′44″W / 54.11694°N 4.67889°W / 54.11694; -4.67889