Russian legislative election, 1990

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Russian legislative election, 1990

← 1985 March 4, 1990 (1990-03-04) 1993 →

All 1068 seats to the
Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian SFSR
Turnout 77%

  First party Second party
  Gorbachev (cropped).png No image.svg
Leader Mikhail Gorbachev
Party CPSU Independent
Leader since March 11, 1985
Seats won 920 148
Percentage 86% 14%

Prime Minister before election

Alexander Vlasov

Elected Prime Minister

Ivan Silayev

Legislative elections were held in the Russian SFSR on 4 March 1990.

A total of 1,068 deputies were elected to the Congress of People's Deputies of the RSFSR for a term of five years, 86% of them from the Communist Party,[1] the rest were non-partisan. Parties other than CPSU were not formally allowed to participate in the election, however the elections were competitive and the Democratic Russia movement, an organization uniting many opposition political groups, won about 190 seats. The elected Congress began its first session on 16 May. Among the elected deputies from the CPSU was Boris Yeltsin, who was then elected by the Congress as Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR, effectively the leader of Russia.[2] Many CPSU members, including Yeltsin, subsequently resigned from the CPSU. The CPSU was temporarily banned by Yeltsin in August 1991 in the aftermath of the August Coup, and the CPSU, along with the Soviet Union, collapsed completely by December of the same year.

It was the first and only free election to the Congress of People's Deputies of the RSFSR. It became the Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and was dissolved by Yeltsin in October 1993 during the Russian constitutional crisis of 1993 and replaced by the Federal Assembly of Russia.


Initial composition of the Congress
Parties and coalitions % Seats
Communist Party of the Soviet Union 86% 920
Independents 14% 148
Total (turnout 77%)[3] 100% 1068


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