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Ruth Conniff is an American progressive journalist who serves as editor-at-large of The Progressive.[1] Conniff has also written for The Nation and the New York Times[2][3] among other publications.

Early life[edit]

Conniff was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, she attended Yale, where she received her B.A. in philosophy cum laude in 1990. She resides in Maple Bluff, a suburb of Madison.[4]


Previously the political editor of The Progressive, Conniff was named editor-in-chief in 2013. According to her byline at The Progressive: "Ruth Conniff covers national politics for The Progressive and is a voice of The Progressive on many TV and radio programs. Conniff was a regular on CNN’s Capital Gang Sunday and is now a regular on PBS’s To the Contrary,[5] she also has appeared frequently on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal and on NPR and Pacifica."


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