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SBS MTV logo (Black Type).svg
Launched 1 July 2001
Owned by SBS Viacom LLC
(joint venture of SBS and Viacom) (2001-2011)
Slogan Music & More
Broadcast area South Korea
Headquarters South Korea
Formerly called MTV Korea (2001-2011)
Sister channel(s) Nickelodeon
SkyLife Channel 113
Available on most South Korean cable systems Check local listings for channels

SBS MTV is a South Korean music channel. Being a South Korean version of American MTV, it features South Korean pop artists, international music, news, and a few reality programs. It also broadcasts programs originally from the American MTV, along with a few Asian programs.

The channel is currently owned by SBS Viacom LLC, a joint venture of SBS Medianet and Viacom International Media Networks.


From 1994 to 1999, MTV, through a partnership deal, showed programs on the CheilJedang group's Mnet network.

In January 2001, the MTV block returned on OnGameNet, then owned by Orion Group's On-Media.

In July 2001, On-Media and Viacom launched MTV Korea. Their partnership ended in 2008.

In 2008, MTV Korea was acquired by C&M.

In September 2011, SBS, a South Korean commercial broadcaster, became the official South Korean partner of Viacom. With this, MTV became a part of SBS, and renamed SBS MTV in November 2011.[1][2]


Screenshot of SBS MTV with 2013 graphics, taken from "MTV Hits: K-POP". At the upper left corner, the current program's title and SBS MTV's website can be seen. SBS MTV's logo is in the upper right corner.

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