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SCSK Corporation
Native name
Kabushiki gaisha Esu-Shī-Esu-Kei
Sumitomo Computer Service Corporation (1969-2005)
Sumitomo Computer System Corporation (2005-2011)
Kabushiki gaisha
Traded asTYO: 9719
Revenue¥323.9 billion
Total assets¥21.1 billion
Number of employees
11,910 (2017)
ParentSumitomo Corporation
SubsidiariesCRI Middleware

SCSK Corporation (株式会社SCSK, Kabushiki gaisha Esu-Shī-Esu-Kei) is a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It offers Information Technology services and produces computer software. CSK is best known as the company that acquired Sega in 1984 and was its parent company until it sold its stock in Sega to Sammy in 2004. Through the transference of shares, Sega Sammy Holdings was established[1].


In 1969, Sumitomo Computer Service Corporation was established by Sumitomo Corporation[2]. In 2005, Sumitomo Computer Service Corporation and Sumitomo Electronics Corporation were merged and the company name was changed to Sumitomo Computer System Corporation.

Separately, CSK Corporation was established by Japanese entrepreneur, Isao Okawa[3] in 1968; the acronym CSK was derived from "Computer Service". In the 2000s, CSK failed in real estate investing, resulting in a large deficit after Okawa died in 2001.[4][clarification needed] CSK also established CSK Research Institute in 1983, which was later known as CRI Middleware.

In April 2011, Sumitomo Corporation acquired CSK Corporation through a takeover. In October 2011, Sumitomo Computer System Corporation and CSK Corporation went through a statutory merger, in which Sumitomo Computer System absorbed CSK Corporation and was re-branded SCSK Corporation.[5]


The company offers the services of system integration, cloud computing, information security and produces computer software in Japan, mostly on a B2B basis for enterprises. SCSK Corporation's business type and scope is similar to those of Itochu Techno-Solutions, Uniadex and Mitsui Knowledge Industry, which also specialize in IT services; the company has been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (9719.TYO) since 1989, initiailly as Sumitomo Computer Service Corp.[6]

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