SN 2005B

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SN 2005B
Other designationsSN 2005B
Event typeSupernova edit this on wikidata
Spectral classII
Date12 January 2005
Right ascension 17h 54m 48.8s
Declination+71° 32′ 35″
Galactic coordinates102.15 +30.10
Distance100 Mly
HostUGC 11066
Progenitor typeUnknown
Colour (B-V)Unknown
Notable featuresNone
Peak apparent magnitude+18

SN 2005B, the second supernova discovered in 2005, was discovered by amateur astronomer Paul Gray, of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, upon reviewing film shot by fellow amateur astronomer David J. Lane, at his backyard observatory in Stillwater Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada. It was located in the galaxy UGC 11066 in Draco. [1]


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