SN 2005bc

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SN 2005bc
Other designationsSN 2005bc
Event typeSupernova edit this on wikidata
Spectral classIa
Date2 April 2005
Right ascension14h 37m 15.050s
Declination+38° 27′ 23.10″
Galactic coordinatesLong 66.764500° Lat 65.168763°
Distanceabout 200,000,000 light-years
HostNGC 5698
Progenitor typeWhite Dwarf
Colour (B-V)Unknown
Notable featuresNone
Peak apparent magnitude+15.3

SN 2005bc was a Type Ia supernova occurring in the Barred spiral galaxy NGC 5698 in the constellation of Boötes. SN 2005bc was discovered on 2 April 2005 by LOSS and independently by Tim Puckett and L. Cox.


The supernova was at magnitude 16.4 at discovery, and quickly rose to a peak magnitude of around 15.3 (in visible light) just over a week after discovery. By mid-May, the supernova had faded to 17th magnitude.

The host galaxy, NGC 5698, along with the supernova lie approximately 200 million light-years (~60 million parsecs) from Earth; this puts the absolute magnitude of the supernova at around −18.6 at maximum, rather faint for a Type Ia event.

As the supernova was of Type Ia, its progenitor star was a White Dwarf star which exceeded the Chandrasekhar limit.

Below is an image of SN 2005bc and NGC 5698 taken just over a week after peak brightness. SN2005bc.JPG

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