Saarland Order of Merit

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Saarland Order of Merit
Goebo Saarlaendischer Verdienst Orden freigeschnitten.jpg
Cross of the Saarland Order of Merit
Awarded by Minister-President of Saarland
TypeCivil order
Awarded forOutstanding service to Saarland
Established10 December 1974

The Saarland Order of Merit (German: Saarländischer Verdienstorden) is the highest award of the German State of Saarland. Established on 10 December 1974, the order is presented in recognition for outstanding service to Saarland by the Minister-President of Saarland. Awarded in a single class, in the form of an Officer's Cross (Steckkreuz), the insignia of the order is a blue enameled four-armed eight pointed Maltese cross. In the center of the cross is a silver medallion bearing the wreathed Coat of arms of Saarland.

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