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Saber is either an Arabic name or an alternative spelling of sabre in its various senses.


Notable people with the given name or surname include: Saber (Arabic: صابر‎, "patient") is also a common Arabic name and surname.

Given name / first name
  • Saber (artist), (born 1976), California-based American graffiti artist, and painter
Family name / surname
  • Abdelilah Saber (born 1974), Moroccan football player
  • Alber Saber (born c. 1985), Egyptian computer science student and blogger
  • Ashraf Saber (born 1973), Italian athlete and runner of Egyptian descent
  • Danny Saber (born 1966), Los Angeles-based American musician, audio engineer, record producer, and remixer
  • Hoda Saber (1959–2011), Iranian intellectual, economic scholar, journalist and social-political activist
  • Mahfouz Saber, Egyptian judge and politician
  • Moinul Ahsan Saber (born 1958), Bangladeshi fiction writer
  • Reza Olfati-Saber, Iranian roboticist


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