Sacred Heart National Secondary School

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Sacred Heart National Secondary School
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sacred Heart
The front gate of Sacred Heart secondary school.jpg
The front gate of the school

Sacred Heart National Secondary School (Malay: Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sacred Heart) is a secondary school in Sibu, a town in the East Malaysian state of Sarawak.


  • 1902 The school was founded by Fr. A. Hopfgartner, born 5 January 1874, suffered a stroke and died on 15 May 1949. A clock tower and bronze plaque were erected in his memory on the school premises.
  • 1905 The school was moved to Lanang Rd. where the Ice Factory was situated until recently. It was a two storied building, the lower floor was used as classrooms, the upper floor used as hostels.
  • 1907 The school moved again, this time to Mission Rd. The school Principal was Fr. Vincent Halder.
  • 1924 Attendance rose from 30 students to 70 students.
  • 1929 Standard 5 introduced now known as Form 1.
  • 1932 Form 3 introduced.
  • 1937 Rev. Fr. John Vos took over as Principal of the school.
  • 1938 Rev. Fr. James Buis took over as the Principal of the school.
  • 1941 For the next four years, the school ended its classes because of the Japanese Occupation during the Second World War. Half of the School was destroyed by the bomb raid by the Australian Forces.
  • 1947 When the school was opened again, Rev. Fr. John Dekker took over as Principal.
  • 1948 SRB Sacred Heart Chinese was founded. The enrolment for the school increased to 600 students. Rev. Fr. Wagenaer was the Principal.
  • 1950 Rev. Fr. Adrian de Vos became Principal.
  • 1951 The school was divided into two parts, the English stream and the Chinese stream.
  • 1953 The boys were separated from the girls. The girls were moved to another school which was built for them (St. Elizabeth Secondary School).
  • 1954 The De la Salle Brothers took control of the school. Bro. Fridolin became Principal.
  • 1955 The First Cambridge School Certificate was held (Form 5). English was taught in the morning and in the afternoons students were taught Chinese Language.
  • 1956 Sacred Heart Secondary School became an aided school. SRB Sacred Heart, a Primary School, was founded and Bro. Austin became its first Headmaster.
  • 1958 Assembly Hall, Science Labs and Workshops were built.
  • 1960 Marist Brothers took control of the Chinese stream school.
  • 1963 Bro. Adrian became Principal; the Chinese Junior Section became part of SMB Sacred Heart. The Chinese Language was taught.
  • 1964 Malay Language was introduced.
  • 1965 First Cambridge Higher School Certificate was opened. These were the first Science classes held in the school.
  • 1967 The school moved to Oya Rd.
  • 1972 Bro. Albinus took over as Principal.
  • 1973 Lower 6 classes were introduced. The School was renovated. A library, canteen, Administration Block and Science Labs were built.
  • 1987 Me. Samuel Tan Yang Pheng, a Malaysian citizen, became the first Malaysian to become Principal of the school.

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