Sacro Monte di Ossuccio

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Sacred Mountain of Ossuccio
Sacro Monte di Ossuccio
Santuario Madonna del Soccorso
Santuario Madonna del Soccorso, Ossuccio (From a fresco in Chapel XIV of the Sacro Monte).jpg
The Sanctuary atop its crag, as depicted in a fresco in Capella XIV.
Basic information
Location Ossuccio, Italy
Geographic coordinates 45°58′29″N 9°10′38″E / 45.974644°N 9.177289°E / 45.974644; 9.177289Coordinates: 45°58′29″N 9°10′38″E / 45.974644°N 9.177289°E / 45.974644; 9.177289
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Province Como
Country Italy
Ecclesiastical or organizational status National monument
Status Active
Architectural type Church
Chapel I with The Annunciation.

The Sacro Monte di Ossuccio (literally "Sacred Mount of Ossuccio") is one of the nine sacri monti in the Italian regions of Lombardy and Piedmont, in northern Italy, which were inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 2003.

The devotional complex is located on a prealpine crag some 200 metres above the western shore Lake Como, facing Isola Comacina and some 25 km from the city of Como. Surrounded by olive groves and woodland, it is quite isolated from other buildings, the fourteen chapels, constructed between 1635 and 1710 in the typical Baroque style reflecting the Counter Reformation ethos of the sacri monti movement, are joined by a path which leads up to a pre-existing sanctuary of 1532 placed on the summit and dedicated to La Beata Vergine del Soccorso.

The Chapels
I The Annunciation VIII The Crowning with Thorns
II The Visitation IX The Ascent of Calvary
III The Nativity X The Crucifixion
IV The Presentation at the Temple XI The Resurrection
V The Disputation between Jesus and
the Doctors in the Temple
XII The Ascension
VI The Oration at Gethsemane XIII Pentecost
VII The Flagellation XIV The Assumption of the Virgin

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