Salâh Ud Dîn At Tijânî

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Salâh Ud Dîn At Tijânî
صلاح الدين التجاني
Al Imâm Salâh Ud Dîn Ibn Mahmûd At Tijâni.jpg
Al Imâm Salâh Ud Dîn At Tijâni
Born 24 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1377 AH
June 12, 1958 (1958-06-12) (age 60)
Nationality Egypt
Ethnicity Arab
Region Egyptian Scholar
Occupation Imam, Medicine professor, Surgeon
Religion Islam
Denomination Sunni Islam
Jurisprudence Maliki
Creed Ash'ari
Tariqa Tijani

Salâh ud-Dîn Ibn Mahmûd al-Hasanî al-Tijânî al-Misrî (صلاح الدين إبن محمود الحسني التجاني المصري) is an Egyptian Imâm, Mujtahid and a specialist of Hadith affiliated to the Sunni Ash'ari theological school, the Maliki school of jurisprudence, and the Tijani Tariqa. He is also an orthopedic surgeon and Professor of Medicine at the Faculty Of Medicine Kasr Al Ainy of Cairo.

Childhood and Learning[edit]

Imbaba Zawiyah (Cairo)

He was born June 12, 1958 in Cairo, in the district of Sayyeda Zaynab, within a family of descendants of the Prophet Muhammad through the lineage of Imam Hasan ibn Ali. His father, Imam Mahmud al-Hasani, was a scholar and teacher at al-Azhar University, and taught him the basics of Islamic knowledge, including the Quran and related sciences. Then at aged 15, he performed his Hajj for the first time, and at 17, he obtained several diplomas and awards in the areas of Tajwid, Tafsir, Hadith and Maliki Fiqh, and wrote several epistles on these subjects. At 18 years old, he saw the Prophet in a dream who ordered him to join the Tijani Tariqa, then again at the age of 20, to build a Zawiyya that would enable everyone to learn and practice Islam peacefully. The latter is built in the district of Imbaba at Cairo, and has an open access library for which Shaykh Salah ud-Din al-Tijani has striven to identify the great classics of literature, in order to share them with anyone who wishes, making a point that Muslim(s) are reclaiming the knowledge of their religion. It was officially opened on 1st Muharram 1400

Over the years, he became a master of Sunni jurisprudence in the Maliki, Hanafi, Shafi'i and Hanbali Madhabs as well as mastering the legal opinions of the defunct Madhab, like that of al-Thawri, al-Awza'i and al-Zahiri. Eventually, becoming a Mujtahid, able to issue fatwa directly from the Quran and the Sunnah.

His Teachers[edit]

His principal teachers include illustrious :

  • Muhammad al-Hâfiz al-Tijânî al-Misrî al-Hasanî (died 1978).
  • Abu-l-Fayd Muhammad Yâsîn Ibn Muhammad 'Îsâ al-Fâdânî al-Makkî (died 1990).
  • Abû Al 'Alâ° Idrîs Ibn al-'Âbid al-'Irâqî al-Husaynî (died 2009).
  • 'Abdullâh Ibn Muhammad Ibn as-Siddîq al-Ghumârî al-Hasanî (died 1993).
  • Ibrâhîm Sâlih Ibn Yûnus al-Husaynî.
  • Muhammad Âdam an-Nafadî al-Tijânî (died 2014).
  • Muhammad Ibn Ibrâhîm al-Mubârak al-Mâlikî.
  • 'Abdus-Salâm an-Nabulusî al-Shâfi'î.
  • Abû Bakr al-Hanbalî al-Ahsâ°î.
  • Ahmad Ibn Muhammad ad-Dahlawî as-Saghîr al-Hanafî.
  • Ahmad Ibn 'Abdal 'Azîz Ibn Ahmad Ibn Muhammad az-Zayyât.
  • Abû Muhammad Ibn Ibrâhîm al-Hamadanî.

His books[edit]

Imâm Muhammad al-Hâfiz al-Misrî

Shaykh Salâh ud-Din al-Tijânî is a prolific writer, having written books in various fields of science, some in several volumes containing a sum of several letters combined in one book. Among these there is :

  • Kunûz al-Qur°ân (3 vol.)
  • Tafsîr al-Qur°ân Il Karîm In Nashâ° (9 vol.)
  • Kunûz al-Hadîth (2 vol.)
  • al-Anfâs Min Kalâm Sayyid In Nâs - salla Llâhu 'alayhi wa sallam (2 vol.)
  • Anâ Muhammad Wa Anâ Ahmad (2 vol.)
  • Kunûz al-'Asharah (10 vol.)
  • al-Lu°lu° Wa-l-Marjân Fî Tafsîr Is Sunnat al-Qur°ân (3 vol.)
  • an-Nûr Fî 'Aqîdat Il Akâbir
  • Kunûz al-Haqâ°iq (4 vol.)
  • Ashrât as-Sâ'ah
  • Kunûz al-Fiqh
  • Kunûz al-Balâghah
  • 'Azîm Fadl Il Ummat al-Muhammadiyyah
  • Hawâtif al-Haqq
  • Nahr an-Nûr (2 vol.)
  • Rahîq al-Makhtûm Fî Tarîqat Il Qutb al-Maktûm (5 vol.)
  • 'Ayn al-Hayât
  • Dîwân Sultân al-'Âshiqîn 'Umar Ibn Al Fârid
  • al-Kunûz Fî Masâ°il as-Sûfiyyah
  • Bahr al-Hubb
  • Mawâkib al-Hubb
  • an-Nûr Fî Tarîqat al-Tijâniyyah
  • Kunûz al-Fiqh

The entirety of these books was posted on the website of Shaykh Salâh Ud Dîn At Tijânî, and many of them are also published in paper format.

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