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Salam Street now renamed as Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Street (less commonly known as 8th Street or Eastern Ring Road) is one of the main roads in the city of Abu Dhabi. It starts from Sheikh Zayed Bridge and curves its way around Abu Dhabi's eastern end until it ends at the intersection with Corniche Road. Salam Street runs through the main modern shopping area and Robat Street, the new bypass north of the town.[1]


In earlier years, Salam Street used to end at the intersection with Saada Street. It as then extended to the end of Abu Dhabi Island and it the turns to end at an intersection with Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street and to intersect with Old Airport Road on the way. That turn has been built but is considered as a mere exit from Salam Street instead of an extension.



This is a list of the roads that intersect with Salam Street in order starting from the Corniche Road intersection until the Sheikh Zayed Bridge:


Along the road, there are several sights to be seen:


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Coordinates: 24°26′41.4″N 54°25′56.5″E / 24.444833°N 54.432361°E / 24.444833; 54.432361