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Salur, Salyr or Salgur were an ancient Oghuz Turkic people and a sub-branch of the Üçok tribal federation. The medieval Karamanid principality in Anatolia belonged to the Karaman branch of the Salur.[1] The Salghurids of Fars (Atabegs of Fars), were a dynasty of Turkmen Salur origin.[2] The patriarchs of the modern Turkmen tribe of Salyr in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, as well as the Salar nationality in China claim descent from the Salur.[1]

With the fall of the Seljuqs, they established the Salghurids State centered in Iraq in the 12th century,[citation needed] and supported other Turkmens in the reconstruction of Anatolia.

Salur Kazan, one of the heroes in Dede Korkut's epic tales, is also a Salurian. Some Salurs still live in the Middle East and Central Asia. The single specimen found in Europe is currently inhabiting the area of Greater London.

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