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Sam Born (September 10, 1891 – March 23, 1959) was an American businessman, candy-maker and inventor.


Born to a Jewish family in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, Born, under his original name - Samuel Bernstein - emigrated to the United States in December 1909; he sailed on the S/S Merion from Liverpool, England, to Philadelphia; on the ship's passenger list, his occupation was listed as "candy maker". In 1916, Sam Born was awarded the "key to the city" of San Francisco for inventing a machine that mechanically inserted sticks into lollipops. In 1923 in New York City he founded Just Born company, a candy manufacturer that still manufactures Peeps, Mike and Ike, and Hot Tamales.[1] In 1932, he relocated the firm to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, from its former Brooklyn location. In March 1959, Samuel H. Born died on board the Cunard liner, Britannic, while it was at sea, having departed from Lisbon, Portugal en route to Southampton, England. He and his wife were on the last lap of a 14,000 mile world cruise, according to his obituary which appeared in The Morning Call, an Allentown, Pennsylvania newspaper, on March 24, 1959.