Dendrochilum cobbianum

Dendrochilum cobbianum, or Cobb's dendrochilum, described by Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach in 1880, is an epiphytic orchid occurring in the Philippines, growing on moss-covered trees. It can sometimes occur as a lithophyte growing on rocks at altitudes above 1200 m, it possesses white to green-white, creamy flowers with yellow throats that emerge alongside new growth. This flowers have a diameter of 1.8 cm, rather large for this genus. They are fragrant with the scent of new mown hay; when in bloom a multitude of flowers are contained on arching inflorescences, with a length of about 50 cm. A single lanceolate leaf with prominent midrib sprouts from a yellow pseudobulb; this species is easy to grow and prefers intermediate temperatures and moderate light. It will grow fast doubling in size every year. There are several cultivars available: Dendrochilum cobbianum'Chartreuse Sentinel' Dendrochilum cobbianum'Fat Leaf' Dendrochilum cobbianum'Gold Chain' Dendrochilum cobbianum'Green white' Dendrochilum cobbianum'Sentinel 1' Dendrochilum cobbianum'Sentinel's Poco' Dendrochilum cobbianum'Yellow Sentinel'

SystemC AMS

SystemC AMS is an extension to SystemC for analog, mixed-signal and RF functionality. The SystemC AMS 2.0 standard was released on April 6, 2016 as IEEE Std 1666.1-2016. ToDo: description ToDo: description A model of computation is a set of rules defining the behavior and interaction between SystemC AMS primitive modules. SystemC AMS defines the following models of computation: timed data flow, linear signal flow and electrical linear networks. ToDo: description ToDo: description ToDo: description TDF in/outport definition: sca_tdf::sca_in<PortType> sca_tdf::sca_out<PortType> TDF converter in/outport definition: sca_tdf::sc_in<PortType> // DE → TDF inport sca_tdf::sc_out<PortType> // TDF → DE outport ELN terminal definition: sca_eln::sca_terminal sca_eln::sca_node // ELN node sca_eln::sca_node_ref // ELN reference node ToDo: description Timed-Data-Flow 1st order low pass model: linear transfer function: H = 1 1 + 1 2 ∗ π ∗ f c u t s ToDo: description ToDo: description Electrical-Linear-Networks 1st order low pass netlist: Linear-Signal-Flow netlist: SystemC AMS study group was founded in 2002 to develop and maintain analog and mixed-signal extensions to SystemC, to initiate an OSCI SystemC-AMS working group.

The study group has made initial investigations and specified and implemented a SystemC extension to demonstrate feasibility of the approach. In 2006, a SystemC AMS working group has been funded which continued the work of the study group inside OSCI, now goes on to work on SystemC AMS within the Accellera Systems Initiative, resulting in the AMS 1.0 standard in 2010. After the release of the Accellera SystemC AMS 2.0 standard in 2013, the standard was transferred to the IEEE Standards Association in 2014 for further industry adoption and maintenance. The SystemC AMS standard was released April 6, 2016 as IEEE Std 1666.1-2016. COSEDA Technologies provides with COSIDE the first commercially available design environment based on SystemC AMS standard. SystemC AMS-Standard IEEE 1666.1-2016 SystemC AMS Proof-of-Concept Download Phase Locked Loop simulator in SystemC AMS - Américo Dias - Keywords: Phase Locked Loop, PLL, SystemC-AMS