San Marco

San Marco is one of the six sestieri of Venice, lying in the heart of the city as the main place of Venice. San Marco includes the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. Although the district includes Saint Mark's Square, never administered as part of the sestiere; the small district includes many of Venice's most famous sights, including St Mark's Square, Saint Mark's Basilica, the Doge's Palace, Harry's Bar, the Palazzo Dandolo, Palazzo D'Anna Viaro Martinengo Volpi di Misurata, San Moisè, the La Fenice theatre, the Palazzo Grassi and Palazzo Bellavite, the churches of San Beneto, San Fantin, Santa Maria del Giglio, San Maurizio, San Moisè, Santo Stefano, San Salvador, San Zulian and San Samuele. The area was the location of Venice's government, it is now touristed and there are many hotels and expensive shops. San Marco is a place, used in several video games such as in Tekken, Assassin's Creed II, Venetica. Sestieri of Venice High-resolution 360° Panoramas and Images of San Marco | Art Atlas

Kingston Black

The Kingston Black known as "Black Taunton", is a cultivar of apple originating from the United Kingdom and used in making cider. The name of the cultivar comes from the apples' dark red or purplish skin, though despite the name, the fruit does not have a black hue; the apple was first grown in orchards around the parish of Kingston St Mary in Somerset, whose inhabitants referred to it as the "black apple". Kingston Black is capable of making a distinctive single-variety cider, its value in cidermaking meant that by the early 19th century it became more well known. By 1950 the Long Ashton Research Station referred to it as "more grown than any other cider apple" in the West of England. Despite this popularity, one former Long Ashton staff member wrote that many thought the variety's fame as a vintage quality apple was "somewhat exaggerated", Hogg quoted a Taunton nurseryman as stating that Kingston Black "of itself makes a thin cider, but a few only communicate a high colour to other ciders".

In years use of Kingston Black declined in commercial orchards due to the variety's tendency to poor cropping and its susceptibility to canker and apple scab. The Kingston Black is classed as a "bittersharp" in the standard classification of cider apples, being high in both tannin and acid; the tree is biennial in fruiting, can be prone to common apple diseases. Its fruit is small, round in shape, yellow skinned with red streaks on the shade side of the fruit or dark red with dark purple streaks on the sunward side, patches of grey russetting. "Kingston Black", National Fruit Collection, retrieved 13 November 2015

They Called Her Babylon

They Called Her Babylon is an album by British folk rock band Steeleye Span. The title track deals with the Siege of Lathom House in 1644, during the English Civil War, during which Charlotte Stanley, Countess of Derby, held out for four months against Parliamentarian efforts to take the house; the album, the band's 18th studio album, was released in 2004. The album is most noteworthy for the return of Maddy Prior, the band's most central member, who had departed the band in 1996. Returning with Prior was her husband, Rick Kemp, who had not performed with the band since its 12th album, although both Prior and Kemp had performed on Present--The Very Best of Steeleye Span, an album that re-recorded versions of songs from earlier albums. Gay Woods, who had replaced Prior for two albums, departed at the same time. New to the band with this album was guitarist Ken Nicol, while drummer Liam Genockey, who had played on Time, returned. Longtime violinist Peter Knight rounded out the group. Highlights of the album include'Van Diemen's Land', a song about poaching and deportation to what would be called Tasmania.

The album contains the band's shortest song a 40-second version of'Bede's Death Song', an early medieval poem attributed to the 8th century monk. In the original version of'Van Diemen's Land', the narrator is a man, but Prior reworked the lyrics to make the narrator a woman The album received mixed reviews; some critics saw it as a return to form after several less-satisfying albums, attributed the band's revival to Prior's return. Others saw the album as representing a continuing decline of the band, attributing it to the aging of the band's core members, noting that Prior's voice, while still strong and effective on songs like'Van Dieman's Land' and'Child Owlet', does not seem to have its top range any more. Maddy Prior - vocals Rick Kemp - vocals, bass Peter Knight - vocals, Octave violin, keyboards Ken Nicol - vocals, guitar Liam Genockey - drums "Van Diemen's Land", the historic name for Tasmania "Samain" named for the Samhain festival "Heir of Linne" "Bride's Farewell" "They Called Her Babylon" "Mantle of Green" "Bede's Death Song" "Diversus and Lazarus" "Si Begh Si Mohr" "Child Owlet" "What's the Life of a Man?"