San Pitch River

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San Pitch River
Sahpeech (Ute)
The San Pitch is to the east of the Great Basin section but within the Great Basin (west of the Great Basin Divide).
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
Length65 mi (105 km)[1]
Basin features
River systemEscalante-Sevier subregion
Basin size480 sq mi (1,200 km2)[2]

The San Pitch River, extending 65 miles (105 km), is the primary water course of the Sanpete Valley and drains into the Sevier River in southwestern Sanpete. The river is named for the Ute chief Sanpitch, who also gives his name to the San Pitch Mountains and Sanpete County.


The upper San Pitch River begins north of Milburn, Utah near Oak Creek Ridge[3] on the Northern Wasatch Plateau and flows south to Moroni. The middle San Pitch River runs from Moroni where it crosses State highway 132. The middle San Pitch River runs from U132 to Gunnison Reservoir. The lower San Pitch River flows from Gunnison Reservoir to where it meets the Sevier River, west of Gunnison, Utah.

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Coordinates: 39°8′8.8596″N 111°52′31.7352″W / 39.135794333°N 111.875482000°W / 39.135794333; -111.875482000

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