Sanchet D'Abrichecourt

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Sir Sanchet D'Abrichecourt (c.1330–c.1360) was a French knight and a founder Knight of the Garter. His surname was alternatively spelt D'Abridgecourt, Dabridgcourt, Dabrichecourt or Aubréciourt and derived from the Hainault town of Auberchicourt.[1]

Sir Sanchet D'Abrichecourt, KG, illustration from the Bruges Garter Book, c.1430
Arms of Sir Sanchet d'Abrichecourt, KG

He was born in Bugnicourt, the son of Nicholas D'Abrichecourt, a nobleman from Hainault who had come to England in 1326 as an escort of Queen Isabella, the queen was returning from France with her son Edward with the ultimately successful objective of deposing her husband, Edward II, and setting the younger Edward on the English throne in his father's place. Sanchet had a younger brother, Eustace.[2]

In 1348 he was selected by Edward III as a founder Knight of the Garter and allocated stall number 25 in St George's Chapel at Windsor, the spiritual home of the new order of chivalry. He died within a few years, however, and his place in the order was taken in 1359 by Sir William FitzWaryne.[2]

He left two sons, Sir John Dabrichecourt, MP for Derbyshire and Constable of the Tower (1413-1415) [3] and Sir Nicholas Dabrichecourt,[4] MP for Hampshire and Constable of Nottingham Castle. Nicholas married heiress Elizabeth Say of Stratford Saye, Hampshire.[5]